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Meaning of Names Index > First Name Meanings

"First Name Meanings"

Names and Meanings from: AY - BJ

So you are looking for "First Name Meanings Lists"... because at Top 100 Baby Names Search we have researched long and hard to provide you with a comprehensive list of baby names.

I truly believe that your baby's name is my business. AND I take that very seriously! I've brought you he most comprehensive world, religious, popular, humorous, and entertaining baby name lists on the net today.

At Top 100 Baby Names Search I've provided you just that... Great First Name Meanings & Lists along with so much more. But don't take my word for it. -- Please enjoy it.

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M/F First Name Meanings Meaning of Name Origin
FAyanbright; beautifulAfrican
MAyindewe gave praisesYoruba
MAylmernoble; famousEnglish
FAyofemiattracts much joyYoruba
FAysiaeastern sunriseEnglish
MAzagbaborn out of townBenin
MAziyouthful energyNigerian
MBabatunjifather returns againYoruba
FBabettestranger; foreignerFrench
MBadrickaxe rulerEnglish
MBahemukaresembles his fatherRunyoro
MBaijikametaphor for lifeSanskrit
MBakerbaker; pastry makerEnglish
MBalikurairaslow to matureRunyoro
MBaltazarGod save the kingGreek
MBandeleborn away from homeYoruba
MBaptisteconsecrated to GodGreek
FBarakablessing; fortuneSwahili
FBarbarastranger; foreignerLatin
MBardenbarley valleyEnglish
MBarkersolicitor at a carnivalEnglish
MBarlowbare hillsideEnglish
MBarnabyson of consolationGreek
MBarnesbear; son of BarnettEnglish
MBarneyson of the missionaryEnglish
MBarricgrain farmEnglish
MBarringtonfenced townEnglish
MBartletson of TalmaiaEnglish
MBartleybarley meadowEnglish
FBartolomeachild of TalmaiSpanish
MBartrambright; illustriousEnglish
FBashirasight; mental perceptionHindi
MBasilioroyal; kinglyGreek
MBatson of TalmaiaEnglish
FBatiniinner thoughtsSwahili
MBaxterform of Baker; bakerEnglish
MBayardreddish brown hairEnglish
MBbalehome of the Mutima clanLuganda
MBeacherbeech treesEnglish
MBeamertrumpet playerEnglish
MBeasleya field of peasEnglish
FBeatricehappy; bringer of joyLatin
FBeccatied; boundHebrew
MBedepatron saint of lectorsEnglish
MBejayB and JAmerican
MBenisonblessing; benedictionEnglish
MBentleycoarse grass meadowEnglish
MBeppeGod will addItalian
MBerboundary; bearEnglish
MBerkeleybirch tree meadowEnglish
FBerlinfrom Berlin; GermanyGerman
FBerlynnBertha and LynnEnglish
FBernibrave as a bearEnglish
FBernicebringer of victoryGreek
FBertalinalittle BertaGerman
MBertiebright; shiningEnglish
FBertinabright; shiningEnglish
MBertonbright settlementEnglish
MBerwickbarley farmEnglish
FBerylsea green jewelEnglish
FBethannBeth and AnnEnglish
FBetsabedaughter of an oathHebrew
FBettconsecrated to GodEnglish
MBevallike the windEnglish
FBevannechild of EvanWelsh
FBeverlybeaver fieldEnglish
MBharmandathe universeSanskrit
FBhidraIndra's thunderboltPali
MBickfordford of the axe manEnglish
MBijakametaphor for lifeSanskrit
FBillistrong willedEnglish
FBillie-JeanBilly + JeanAmerican
FBillystrong willedEnglish
MBingwenbright and cultivatedChinese
MBirchshining birch treeEnglish
FBirdielittle birdEnglish
MBirkittbirch tree coastEnglish
MBirleymeadow with the cow barnEnglish
MBirneyisland with a brookEnglish
MBirtukasweet as an orangeAmharic
MBitalofinger licking goodLuganda

*First Name Meanings - compiled by research & survey

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