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M/F Baby Names Names Thier Meanings Origin
MOsaharGod hearsBenin
MOsamutruth; reasonJapanese
FOsannapraise the LordLatin
MOsayandeGod owns the worldBenin
MOsbaldoGod's powerSpanish
MOsbertdivine; brightEnglish
MOsborndivine bearScandinav.
MOscardivine spearmanScandinav.
MOseasthe Lord sustains meHebrew
FOsenone thousandJapanese
MOsgooddivinely goodEnglish
FOshaeagle saviorIroquois
MO'Shayson of SheaIrish
FO'sheachild of SheaIrish
MO'Sheason of SheaIrish
FOshungoddess of the Oshun RiverYoruba
MOsipGod will addRussian
MOsirispowerful visionEgyptian
FOsitadivinely strongSpanish
MOskardivine spearmanScandinav.
FOsmadivine protectorEnglish
MOsmanservant of God Arabic
MOsmardivine; wonderfulEnglish
MOsmarothe glory of GodGerman
MOsmonddivine protectorEnglish
MOsricdivine rulerEnglish
FOssadivine lawGreek
MOssadivine lawGreek
MOsvaldoGod's powerSpanish
MOswaldGod's power; God's crestEnglish
FOswaldaGod's power; God's crestEnglish
MOswaldoGod's powerSpanish
MOswindivine friendEnglish
MOsyaGod will addRussian
MOtaktaykills many; strikes manyLakota
MOtekwealthy manPolish
MOtellowealthy manItalian
MOtelowealthy manSpanish
FOteshacultivate the earthSwahili
MOthellowealthy manSpanish
MOthienoborn in the eveningLuo
MOthnielstrength of GodHebrew
MOtildebountiful inheritanceTeutonic
FOtilielucky heroineCzech
MOtiskeen of hearingGreek
MOtnielGod is my strengthHebrew
MOttahchild thin at birthIbo
MOttarpoint warriorNorweg.
MOttmarservant of GodTurkish
MOttorich; wealthyGerman
MOttokarhappy warriorGerman
FOvaleneOva + the suffix -leneAmerican
MOvedworshipper; followerHebrew
MOvertontown high on a hillEnglish
FOvidiatends the sheepGerman
MOwenborn to nobilityIrish
FOwenaborn to nobilityWelsh
MOxfordoxen river crossingEnglish
MOxleyox meadowEnglish
MOxtonox townEnglish
MOyacalled forthMoquel.
FOyacalled forthMoquel.
MOyatetribe; nationSioux
FOzdivine bearHebrew
MOzdivine bearHebrew
FOzaratreasure; wealthHebrew
FOzerahelpful; lakeHebrew
MOzithe messageIbo
MOziasGod's strengthHebrew
MOzieldivine strengthHebrew
MOziomathe messageIbo
FOzoamagood roadYoruba
FOzorathe wide skyJapanese
MOzturkpure; genuineTurkish
MOzzdivine bearEnglish
MOzzie / Ozzydivine bearEnglish

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