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Origin Meanings of First Names from:  LH - LZ

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M/F Baby Names Origin Meanings of First Names Origin
MLiupright; strongChinese
MLiamdetermined guardianIrish
MLibaniotree of incenseLatin
FLibbyconsecrated to GodHebrew
FLiberadaliberty; freeLatin
FLibrafairness and equityEnglish
FLiefelittle loveDutch
FLieselconsecrated to GodGerman
MLikekerich and powerful rulerHawaiian
MLikoprotected by BuddhaChinese
FLilithfairy of the nightArabic
FLillyannLilly + AnnEnglish
FLillybethLilly + ElizabethLatin
FLimberlimber; flexibleEnglish
MLincsettlement by the poolEnglish
MLincolnsettlement by the poolEnglish
FLindenlinden-tree hillEnglish
MLindleylinden fieldEnglish
MLindonlinden hillEnglish
MLindseylinden islandEnglish
FLinetteidol; birdWelsh
FLinleyflax meadowEnglish
MLinulily flowerHindu
FLionettasmall lionessLatin
FLironmy songHebrew
MLironmy songHebrew
FLisbethconsecrated to GodEnglish
FLishanourish and cherishSwahili
FLissieconsecrated to GodAmerican
FLitonyadarting hummingbirdMoquel.
FLivanamoon; whiteHebrew
FLiviaolive treeLatin
MLivingstonLeif's townEnglish
MLiweiprofit and greatnessChinese
FLizconsecrated to GodEnglish
FLizbetconsecrated to GodEnglish
FLizethconsecrated to GodFrench
MLleytonmeadow farmEnglish
MLloydgray hairedWelsh
FLocalawhite rosesGreek
MLochlainland of lakesIrish
MLoisfamous in battleGerman
MLokniraining through the roofMoquel.
FLondonfortress of the moonEnglish
MLondonfortress of the moonEnglish
FLonnalioness; solitaryLatin
MLorcanlittle fierce warriorIrish
FLoreencrowned with laurelsAmerican
FLorettacrowned with laurelsEnglish
FLoricaprotective shellEnglish
MLornecrowned with laurelsLatin
MLorrycrowned with laurelsEnglish
FLottielittle and strongGerman
MLoudonlow valleyGerman
FLouisafamous warriorEnglish
FLourdesfrom Lourdes; FranceFrench
FLovelove; kindnessEnglish
MLoyalfaithful; loyalEnglish
FLuandacapital city of AngolaAfrican
FLucerocircle of lightLatin
MLucianbringer of lightLatin
FLucilabringer of lightEnglish
MLuciobringer of lightItalian
MLucreciotwilight of dawnLatin
FLudmillaloved by the peopleSlavic
MLuifamous warriorHawaiian
MLukasbringer of lightGreek
MLundygrove by the islandScottish
MLurdunearthy oneBasque
FLuzmariaLuz + MariaSpanish
FLydaancient land in AsiaGreek
FLynaepool below a waterfallEnglish
MLyndonhill of linden treesEnglish
MLynnpool below a waterfallEnglish
FLyonellalion cubFrench

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