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First Name Meaning and Origin

First Name Meaning and Origin from: RA - RD

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M/F Baby Names First Name Meaning and Origin Origin
MRacerace; runnerEnglish
FRachellefemale sheepFrench
FRadathe pathEstonian
MRadcliffcliff with reedsEnglish
FRadeyahcontent; satisfiedArabic
MRadfordford with reedsEnglish
MRadisatisfied, contentArabic
FRadiancebrightness; radianceAmerican
MRadoslawhappy gloryPolish
FRaedenaRae + DenaAmerican
FRaeganlittle rulerIrish
FRaevenRaven; blackbirdEnglish
MRafaelGod has healedSpanish
FRafaelahealed by GodHebrew
MRaffertyrich, prosperousIrish
MRafiqkind, friendArabic
FRaganlittle rulerIrish
FRaginelittle rulerEnglish
FRagnildbattle counselorScandinav.
MRaheimcompassionate GodPunjabi
FRahelfemale sheepGerman
MRa'ifmerciful, gentleArabic
MRaimundwise protectorGerman
FRaizelfragrant flowerYiddish
MRajiknoble one; chiefHindu
MRakinfirm, confidentArabic
MRaktimbright redHindu
MRaleighdear meadowEnglish
MRalphwolf counselorEnglish
MRamigod, godlikeHindu
MRamirosupreme judgePortuguese
MRamonwise protectorSpanish
FRamonawise protectorSpanish
MRamseyisland inhabited by ramsEnglish
FRanwater lilyJapanese
FRanagaze, lookSanskrit
MRandshield; warriorEnglish
MRandallshield wolfEnglish
FRandelleshield wolfGerman
MRandolphshield wolfEnglish
MRandyshield wolfEnglish
FRaneishaRae + AishaAmerican
MRanimy song; my joyHebrew
FRaniasees aheadArabic
FRanielleRain + ElleAmerican
MRannensinging my joy out loudHebrew
MRansfordraven's fordEnglish
MRansleyraven's fieldEnglish
FRaphaelahealed by GodHebrew
MRapiersharp bladeFrench
MRashead, honorary titleEthiopian
MRasheedwise counselorArabic
FRashelfemale sheepAmerican
FRashellefemale sheepAmerican
FRashiekadescended from royaltyArabic
MRatibregular, arrangerArabic
FRatrudisfaithful counselorGerman
FRaulawolf counselorFrench
MRauracburning, ardentQuechua
MRavithe sunSanskrit
FRavynRaven; blackbirdEnglish
FRawanfine ladyGypsy
FRawniefine ladyGypsy
MRaykingly, royalFrench
MRaycerace; swift, adroitEnglish
FRaychelfemale sheepHebrew
MRayfordstream crossingEnglish
MRayimy companionHebrew
FRayleenRay + LynnAmerican
MRaymonwise protectorEnglish
MRaymondwise protectorEnglish
MRaymundowise protectorSpanish
FRaynellRay + NellAmerican
FRaynishaRae + AishaAmerican
FRayyathirsty no longerArabic
MRazielmy secretAramaic
FRazzlesparkle; excitementAmerican
FRazzysparkle; excitementAmerican

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