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Baby Name Meaning Origin

Baby Name Meaning Origin from: LE - LG

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M/F Baby Names Baby Name Meaning Origin Origin
FLea MarieLea + MarieAmerican
MLeanderbrave as a lionGreek
MLebnaspirit; heartEthiopian
FLeciafortunate; happyLatin
MLee shelter from the windEnglish
FLeeannaLee + AnnaEnglish
FLeeanneLee + AnnEnglish
MLeeormy lightHebrew
FLeesatruthful; nobleAmerican
FLeflaylethargic womanMapuche
MLeighshelter from the windEnglish
FLeighannLee + AnnEnglish
FLeighannaLee + AnnaEnglish
MLeightonmeadow farmEnglish
FLeiladark beauty; nightHebrew
FLeilahdark beauty; nightHebrew
FLeisaconsecrated to GodHebrew
MLeithbroad riverScottish
MLeixandredefender of mankindGalician
FLekashaprefix La + KeishaAmerican
FLeladark beauty; nightFrench
MLelandprotected meadowEnglish
MLeliois talkativeLatin
MLemarfamous in the landFrench
MLemesnobility protects himTeutonic
MLemuelbelonging to GodHebrew
FLemueladevoted to GodHebrew
FLenadwelling or lodgingHebrew
MLenardbrave as a lionGerman
FLeneishaprefix Le + KeneishaAmerican
FLenissoft; silkyLatin
MLennomanNat. Amer.
MLennonsmall cloak; capeIrish
MLennoxplace of elm treesScottish
MLennybrave as a lionGerman
MLeo lionLatin
MLeocadiobright and shiningGreek
MLeofridobrings peace to his villageTeutonic
MLeonbrave as a lionGreek
MLeonardbrave as a lionGerman
FLeonciabrave as a lionessLatin
MLeonellittle lionEnglish
FLeonettelittle lionessFrench
MLeonhardbrave as a lionGerman
MLeonidasbrave as a lionGreek
MLeopoldbold for the peopleGerman
MLeormy lightHebrew
MLerenzocrowned with laurelsItalian
MLeronthe song is mineArabic
MLesgray fortressScottish
FLesleighgray fortressScottish
FLesleygray fortressScottish
MLesliegray fortressScottish
MLesterfrom Leicester; EnglandEnglish
FLethaoblivion; forgetfulnessEnglish
FLethiaoblivion; forgetfulnessGreek
FLeumimy nationalityHebrew
FLevato liveSwedish
FLevanamoon; white; risenHebrew
MLevijoined in harmonyHebrew
FLeviajoined in harmonyHebrew
MLevinjoined in harmonyHebrew
MLevinaone who unitesHebrew
FLevinaflash of lightningLatin
FLevitatwinkle; sparkleEnglish
FLevonaspice; incenseHebrew
MLewfamous warriorEnglish
FLewanamoon; whiteHebrew
MLewinbeloved friendEnglish
MLewisbeloved friendEnglish
MLexdefender of mankindEnglish
FLexi / Lexiedefender of mankindGreek
MLexusdefender of mankindGreek
FLeyladark beauty; nightHebrew

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