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Baby Names by Meaning from: GM - GX

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So you are looking for Baby Names By Meaning. AND what you really want are terrific names for your sweet little baby girl or boy... Right?

Well, at Top 100 Baby Names Search our philosophy is, "consider everything, and pick the best!" What is so great about our baby names from around the world is that they are unique, traditional, and simply fabulous... There are so many to choose from!

When I was selecting names for my children I wanted to create a short list from names that I found intriguing in someway. Next, my husband and I went through every name on our short lists and rated them based our own personally selected criteria... Víola!... One or two special names rose to the top. Selecting our children's names was a total blast. I feel the key was having a long list of baby names to begin with.

Here is a list of Baby Names By Meaning for your consideration. Please enjoy.

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M/F Baby Names Baby Names by Meaning Origin
FGodalupethe mother MarySpanish
MGoddarddivinely firmGerman
MGodfredofriend of GodSpanish
MGodfreythe peace of GodIrish
FGodivaGod's presenceEnglish
MGodwinfriend of GodEnglish
FGoldagolden; goldEnglish
MGoldengolden friendEnglish
FGoldiegolden; goldEnglish
MGomercompleted; finishedHebrew
MGopalprotector of cowsIndian
MGordontriangular-shaped hillEnglish
MGordytriangular-shaped hillEnglish
MGoretriangular-shaped landEnglish
MGorenexcel; above allBasque
MGormanblue eyesIrish
MGorofifth sonJapanese
MGottfrieddivinely peacefulGerman
MGovertheavenly peaceDutch
FGraceannGrace + AnnEnglish
FGracenGrace+ AnnEnglish
MGradynoble; illustriousIrish
MGraemegrand homeScottish
MGrahamgrand homeEnglish
FGrahaniyasomething worthySanskrit
MGrantgreat plainsEnglish
MGrantlandgreat plainsEnglish
MGrantleygreat meadowEnglish
MGranvillelarge villageFrench
MGraysonbailiff's sonEnglish
MGreeleygray meadowEnglish
MGreenwoodgreen forestEnglish
MGregvigilant watchmanLatin
MGregorvigilant watchmanScottish
MGregoryvigilant watchmanLatin
MGreshamvillage in the pastureEnglish
FGreta / Grettamy pearlGerman
FGretchenmy pearlGerman
FGretelmy pearlGerman
MGreysonbailiff's sonEnglish
MGrianthe sunGaelic
MGriffinhooked noseLatin
MGriffithfierce chief; ruddyWelsh
MGrigorivigilant watchmanBulgarian
MGrimshawdark woodsEnglish
FGrisegray warrior womanWelsh
FGriseldagray warrior womanGerman
MGrovergrove dwellerEnglish
MGuadaluperiver of blackArabic
MGualbertoarmy rulerSpanish
MGuayrafast as the windQuechua
MGuiffordchubby cheeksFrench
MGuilfordford with yellow flowersEnglish
MGuilhermedetermined guardianPortuguese
MGuillaumedetermined guardianFrench
FGuillermadetermined guardianSpanish
FGuineverewhite phantomFrench
FGuiomarfamous in combatGerman
MGuionvalley; warriorFrench
MGuirbeige in colorIrish
FGunadhiyarich in virtueSanskrit
FGundelinahelps in battleTeutonic
MGundislavojoy; strengthGerman
MGunnersoldier with a gunEnglish
MGunterbattle armyScandinav.
MGuntherbattle army; warriorScandinav.
MGuozhian orderly stateChinese
FGurleenfollower of the guruSikh
FGustavastaff of the GothsScandinav.
MGustavestaff of the GothsScandinav.
MGustavostaff of the GothsSpanish
MGuyvalley; warriorFrench
MGuzmangood man; man of GodFrench
MGwaynewhite hawkWelsh
FGwendolynwhite browed; new moonWelsh
MGwynfair; blessedWelsh
FGwynethwhite browed; new moonWelsh

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