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Baby Names and Meaning from: FO - FZ

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M/F Baby Names Baby Names and Meaning Origin
FFoladehonor arrivesYoruba
FFolawnshe walks in dignityAmerican
MFolkeguard of the peopleGerman
MFonsonoble and eagerGerman
MFonzienoble and eagerGerman
MFordnames ending in "ford"English
MFordelone with the advantageSwedish
MForestof the forestFrench
MForesterof the forestEnglish
FForestyneof the forestEnglish
MForrestof the forestFrench
MFortinofortunate; luckyItalian
MFortunefortunate; luckyFrench
MFosterforest guardianLatin
MFowlertrapper of wild fowlEnglish
FFranfree; from FranceLatin
FFrancesfree; from FranceLatin
FFrancinefree; from FranceFrench
FFrancisfree; from FranceLatin
FFranciscafree; from FranceItalian
MFranciscofree; from FranceSpanish
MFrancofree; from FranceLatin
MFrancoisfree; from FranceFrench
FFrancoisefree; from FranceFrench
MFrankfree landownerEnglish
FFrankiefree landownerAmerican
MFranklinfree landownerEnglish
FFrannyfree; from FranceEnglish
MFransiscofree; from FrancePortuguese
MFrantzfree; from FranceGerman
MFranzfree; from FranceGerman
FFranzettafree; from FranceAmerican
MFraserstrawberry; curly-hairedFrench
MFraynedweller at the ash treeFrench
MFrazierstrawberry; curly-hairedEnglish
MFredelf counselorEnglish
FFredaelf counselorGerman
MFreddiepeaceful rulerEnglish
FFredellapeaceful rulerEnglish
FFredericapeaceful rulerGerman
MFrederickpeaceful rulerGerman
MFredericopeaceful rulerSpanish
MFrederiquepeaceful rulerFrench
FFredesvindastrength of the countryGerman
MFreebornchild of freedomEnglish
FFreedoshiaa slave no longerAmerican
MFremontnoble protectorGerman
MFrenchcnoble protectorCatalan
MFrewinnoble friendEnglish
MFreygod of peace and wealthEnglish
FFridaelf counselorGerman
MFridmundpeaceful rulerGerman
MFridolfpeaceful wolfEnglish
FFriedaelf counselorGerman
MFriedrichpeaceful rulerGerman
FFrinefemale toadGerman
MFriolanrich and belovedTeutonic
MFritzpeaceful rulerGerman
MFrobertofamous brillianceSpanish
FFrodinawise friendGerman
FFrondaleafy branchAmerican
FFroniamost wise teacherGreek
FFronniamost wise teacherGreek
MFructuosobears much fruitLatin
MFrutosbears much fruitLatin
MFudogod of fire and wisdomJapanese
MFuhuafortune flourishingChinese
FFujoparents are separatedSwahili
FFulannaendurance; patienceGaelic
MFulbertohe who shinesGerman
MFulbrightvery brightGerman
MFulgenciohe who shinesLatin
MFullercloth thickenerEnglish
MFultonfield near townEnglish
MFumioscholarly childJapanese
MFyfefrom Fife, ScotlandScottish
MFynnOffin riverGhanan

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