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The Meanings of Names from:  MA - MD

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M/F Baby Names The Meanings of Names Origin
MMacauleyson of righteousnessScottish
MMaccoyson of HughIrish
MMacdougalson of DougalScottish
FMachikofortunate childJapanese
MMacknames with Mac-Scottish
MMackenzyson of KenzieIrish
MMacklanson of MacleanIrish
MMacmahonson of MahonIrish
MMacoGod is with usHungarian
FMadalainehigh towerEnglish
FMaddiehigh towerEnglish
MMaddoxbenefactor's sonEnglish
FMadelenehigh towerEnglish
FMadilynhigh towerGreek
MMadisonson of good sonEnglish
FMaeganpearl; greatIrish
FMagdalenhigh towerGreek
FMaggiehigh towerGreek
MMahadevHindu god ShivaIndian
FMahesaHindu god ShivaHindi
MMahliastute; shrewdHebrew
MMainakHimalayan mountainIndian
FMaisey / MaisiepearlScottish
MMajormilitary rankLatin
FMakayleewho is like God?American
FMakinacapable oneArabic
MMalakaiangel of GodHebrew
MMalcomfollower of Saint ColumbaScottish
FMalunarises above; upwardsHawaiian
FMalvinaarmored chiefScottish
FManettesea of bitternessFrench
FManimantra for understandingChinese
MManjotlight of the mindIndian
MManquecurathe condor's branchMapuche
MMan-Young10,000 years of prosperityKorean
FMaraisdweller near the marshFrench
MMarcelianomartial; warlikeSpanish
MMarchdweller by a boundaryEnglish
MMarcomartial; warlikeItalian
MMardenvalley with a poolEnglish
FMarianMary + AnnEnglish
FMaribethMary + BethAmerican
FMarie AnneMarie + AnneAmerican
FMarie PhilippaMarie + PhilippaFrench
FMarileeMary + LeeEnglish
FMarilynnMary + LynnAmerican
FMarjahthe hopeArabic
FMarkeeshamartial; warlikeAmerican
FMarkishaMary + KeishaEnglish
FMarlanahigh towerEnglish
FMarleahhigh towerAmerican
MMarleylake meadowEnglish
FMarlisMaria + LisaEnglish
MMarlowhill by the lakeEnglish
FMarshamartial; warlikeEnglish
MMarstontown by the marshEnglish
MMartesemartial; warlikeSpanish
MMartinomartial; warlikeItalian
MMarutthe Hindu god of windHindu
MMarvinlover of the seaEnglish
MMarwoodforest pondEnglish
FMaryjaneMary + JaneAmerican
MMasakielegant treeJapanese
MMaselclergyman's mansionEnglish
FMasieldown from the starsEnglish
FMassieldown from the starsHebrew
MMateosoffered up to GodHebrew
FMathisgift of GodHebrew
MMatthewgift of GodHebrew
FMattygood child of MaudEnglish
FMaulanavery buoyantHawaiian
MMavissong birdEnglish
MMaxfieldMack's fieldEnglish
MMaxwellgreat springEnglish
FMaygreat; discerningLatin
MMaynardpowerful; braveEnglish
MMckenzieson of KenzieIrish
MMckinleyson of KinleyIrish

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