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M/F Baby Names Name Search by Meaning Origin
FNaamahgood presenceHebrew
MNabarunmorning sunIndian
FNabilaborn to nobilityArabic
FNachinehot; fierySpanish
FNadalbirth; nativityCatalan
FNaddagenerous; dewyArabic
MNadeemfriendly; entertainingArabic
FNadettebrave as a bearFrench
FNadifaborn between seasonsSomali
FNadinereceived the call of GodFrench
FNadirarare oneHausa
MNadivgenerous and nobleHebrew
FNadurragood naturedGaelic
FNafunaborn feet firstLuganda
FNagidanoble; prosperousHebrew
FNahidgoddess of lovePersian
MNahushaa mythological kingIndian
FNaidivagenerous womanHebrew
MNa'imcomfort; easeArabic
FNaimacomfort; peaceArabic
MNairnriver with alder treesScottish
MNajeebof noble descentArabic
FNakeshaprefix Na + KeishaAmerican
FNakirabenevolent oneShona
FNakishaprefix Na + KeishaAmerican
FNakotafriend; allySioux
MNalevenlives up to a principleDutch
FNaluriahgood instinctsIndonesian
MNamidstar dancerOjibwa
FNamisahappiness; rejoiceZulu
FNanamother of the earthGhana
FNanamiwave manJapanese
MNandanrejoices of the FatherHindu
FNandibrings joySanskrit
MNandinservant of god ShivaHindu
FNangilaborn while on a journeyLuya
FNaomipleasant; beautifulHebrew
MNapoleonlion of the woodlandGreek
FNarahchild of the LordHebrew
MNardchess playerPersian
MNareshthe kingHindu
MNarnofrom Narnia, ItalyLatin
MNarsestwo martyrs from PersiaPersian
MNash'ahyouth growing upArabic
MNasibnoble; relativeArabic
MNasir al Dinprotector of the faithArabic
MNatgift of GodEnglish
MNataania leaderNavajo
FNataliaborn on Christmas dayRussian
FNatalieborn on Christmas dayLatin
FNatalleborn on Christmas dayFrench
FNataniagift of GodHebrew
FNatashaborn on Christmas dayRussian
FNatesaHindu god ShivaHindi
FNathalieborn on Christmas dayLatin
MNathanielgift of GodHebrew
MNathengift of GodHebrew
FNatieborn on Christmas dayEnglish
FNatimapure; cleanAmerican
FNatividadbirth; nativitySpanish
MNatrona lake in the Rift ValleyTanzanian
FNaturenature; essence; lifeLatin
FNaunetgoddess of the underworldEgyptian
MNavdeepnew lightSikh
FNavinnew; fresh and youngHindi
FNavonawise in worldly waysHebrew
FNawajistands firmSioux
FNayanew oneHindi
MNaylandisland dwellerEnglish
FNaylilabrilliant eyesArabic
MNayrathe ancient can be seenInca
MNazarethborn in NazarethHebrew
FNazariadedicated to GodSpanish
MNdurathe upright oneShona

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