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M/F Baby Names Meaning Behind Names Origin
FReaganlittle rulerIrish
MRedfordred river crossingEnglish
MRedmondprotecting counselorGerman
MReece swift moving streamWelsh
FReetsea of bitternessEstonian
FRegenfridapeaceful advisorGerman
MReggieking's advisorEnglish
FReghanlittle rulerIrish
MReginaldking's advisorEnglish
MReidruddy complexionEnglish
MReimundecounselor and protectorGerman
FReinaqueen's advisorSpanish
MReinaldoking's advisorSpanish
MRekurich and powerful rulerFinnish
FRelindakind-hearted princessGerman
MRémifrom Rheims, FranceFrench
MRemingtonraven estateEnglish
MRemyfrom Rheims, FranceFrench
MRená nsealIrish
FRenéeborn againFrench
MRenaldoking's advisorSpanish
MRenardbold and courageousFrench
FRenelleborn againFrench
MRenfredlasting peaceEnglish
FRenitaborn againFrench
FRennystrong judgmentGerman
MRentonsettlement of the roe deerEnglish
MReulefamous wolfFrench
MRexfordking's river crossingEnglish
MRextonking's estateEnglish
MReyking's advisorSpanish
MReymondmighty protectorEnglish
MReymundomighty protectorSpanish
FReynaldaqueen's advisorGerman
MReynaldoqueen's advisorSpanish
MReynardbold and courageousFrench
MReynoldking's advisorEnglish
FRheannonwitch; goddessWelsh
MRhettswift moving streamWelsh
FRhianwitch; goddessWelsh
FRhiannawitch; goddessWelsh
MRhyanlittle kingIrish
FRhyannawitch; goddessWelsh
MRhysswift moving streamWelsh
FRianavirtuous; honorableIrish
MRibertorich and powerfulGerman
FRicaruler of allSpanish
FRicardarich and powerful rulerSpanish
MRicardorich and powerful rulerSpanish
MRichardrich and powerful rulerEnglish
MRichartrich and powerful rulerGerman
FRichellerich and powerful rulerGerman
MRichierich and powerful rulerEnglish
MRichmanwealthy individualEnglish
MRichmondwealthy protectorGerman
MRickrich and powerful rulerGerman
MRickeyrich and powerful rulerEnglish
FRictrudapowerful strengthGerman
MRiddocksmooth fieldIrish
MRidgeridge of a cliffEnglish
MRidgeleycliff meadowEnglish
MRidleymeadow of reedsEnglish
MRieldevoted to GodSpanish
MRigbyruler's valleyEnglish
FRigobertabrilliant advisorGerman
MRigobertobrilliant advisorGerman
MRikkirich and powerful rulerEstonian
FRillasmall brookGerman
MRiordanroyal poetIrish
MRipleymeadow near the riverEnglish
MRiquirich and powerful rulerSpanish
FRisettapleasant little laughFrench
MRisleymeadow with shrubsEnglish
MRistofollower of ChristFinnish
MRistonsettlement near the shrubsEnglish
MRitchardrich and powerful rulerEnglish
MRitchierich and powerful rulerEnglish
MRitterknight; chivalrousGerman
FRivariver bankFrench
MRiverriver; riverbankEnglish
MRizieriarmy of the leaderGerman

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