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Free First Name Meaning from: GY - HJ

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M/F Baby Names Free First Name Meanings Origin
MHackettlittle wood cutterGerman
MHadenheather-covered hillEnglish
FHadleyfield of heatherEnglish
FHadyone who guidesArabic
FHaeleyhay meadowEnglish
MHagenyoung; youthfulIrish
FHaideefield of heatherEnglish
MHaidenhedged valleyEnglish
MHailamafamous brotherHawaiian
FHaileyhay meadowEnglish
MHainesvine-covered cottageEnglish
FHaleyplace in the meadowEnglish
MHalfordvalley fordEnglish
FHalleyplace in the meadowEnglish
FHalseyHalls' islandEnglish
MHalvorrock; protectorNorweg.
MHamimintimate; close friendArabic
FHanablossom; flowerJapanese
MHandelGod is graciousGerman
MHanfordhigh fordEnglish
MHankruler of the householdAmerican
MHannaGod is graciousGerman
MHardwinbrave friendEnglish
MHarfordford of the haresEnglish
MHariharthe Hindu god VishnuIndian
MHarjotlight of GodSikh
MHarlangray landEnglish
FHarleymeadow of the hareEnglish
MHarmannoble; soldierEnglish
FHarperharp playerEnglish
MHarpreetdevoted to GodPunjabi
MHarringtontown where Harry dwellsEnglish
MHarrisonson of HarryEnglish
MHartdeer meadowEnglish
MHartmanhard; strongGerman
MHartwigstrong advisorGerman
FHarumispring; beautyJapanese
FHavenplace of eternal happinessEnglish
FHawnasign of the roosterAmerican
FHaydenheather-covered hillEnglish
MHaylehay meadowEnglish
MHeathcliffcliff near the heathEnglish
FHeatherflowering heatherEnglish
MHeatonhigh placeEnglish
FHeavenplace of eternal happinessEnglish
MHedwynfriend of peaceWelsh
FHeidinoble and sereneGerman
MHeinzruler of the householdGerman
MHeldradocounselor of warriorsGerman
FHelmadetermined guardianGerman
MHendersonson of HenryScottish
MHendrickruler of the householdDutch
FHennaruler of the householdEnglish
FHenriettaruler of the householdEnglish
MHenryruler of the householdGerman
MHeraclesthe glorious giftGreek
MHerbglorious soldierGerman
MHerbertglorious soldierGerman
FHerbertaglorious soldierGerman
FHeribertaglorious soldierGerman
FHerlindapleasant; sweetGerman
MHermansoldier; nobleGerman
FHermelindashield of strengthGerman
MHermilolittle HermesGreek
MHerrickwar kingGerman
FHestiaguardian of the hearthGreek
FHettieruler of the householdGerman
MHewittlittle smart oneGerman
FHiawathacreator of riversIroquian
FHilarycheerful; merryGreek
MHildebrandbattle swordGerman
FHillarycheerful; merryGreek
MHilliardbrave warriorGerman
FHilmerfamous warriorGerman
FHiltrudastrong warriorGerman
MHiroshiabundant; generousJapanese

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