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Meaning of Names Baby from: KD - KE

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M/F Baby Names Meaning of Names Baby Origin
FKDletters K + DAmerican
FKeaganlittle; fieryIrish
FKeairadark; blackIrish
MKeananold wise oneIrish
MKearneyvictorious fighterIrish
MKedricbattle chieftainEnglish
FKeeganlittle; fieryIrish
FKeelinKelly + LynnIrish
FKeelybrave warriorIrish
MKeenanlittle bold oneIrish
FKeeradark; blackIrish
MKeganlittle fiery oneIrish
FKeianabold and beautifulIrish
FKeiaradark and beautifulIrish
MKeiganlittle fiery oneIrish
MKeilanlittle; slenderIrish
MKeileylittle; handsomeIrish
MKeirlittle and darkIrish
MKeiranlittle and darkIrish
MKeithforest; battle placeWelsh
MKeithenforest; battle placeWelsh
FKelbyfarm by the springEnglish
FKelceyship islandScottish
MKeldontown with sea portEnglish
FKelemonchild of KeiWelsh
FKellanKelly + LynnIrish
FKellenKelly + LynnIrish
MKellerlittle companionIrish
FKelleybrave warriorIrish
FKellybrave warriorIrish
FKellynKelly + LynnIrish
MKelsontown with sea portEnglish
MKeltontown with sea portEnglish
MKelvinnarrow riverIrish
MKelwinfriend from the ridgeEnglish
FKemberlychief; rulerEnglish
MKempfighter; championEnglish
MKemptonmilitary townEnglish
MKenardbrave chieftainIrish
FKendamagical powerEnglish
FKendahlruler of the valleyEnglish
FKendallruler of the valleyEnglish
FKendramagical powerEnglish
MKendrellvalley of the riverEnglish
MKendricson of HenryIrish
FKenleyroyal meadowEnglish
FKennacomely and prettyScottish
FKennadihelmeted chiefIrish
MKennanlittle handsome oneScottish
MKennardbrave chieftainIrish
FKennedyhelmeted chiefIrish
MKennonlittle KenScottish
MKenricbold rulerEnglish
MKenrickbold ruler; royal rulerEnglish
MKentwhite; brightWelsh
MKentonwhite; brightEnglish
MKentrellking's estateEnglish
MKenwardroyal guardianEnglish
FKenyamountain of GodEnglish
MKenyanwhite-haired blondIrish
MKenyonwhite-haired blondIrish
FKenzilight skinnedScottish
FKenzielight skinnedScottish
MKeonborn to nobilityIrish
FKeonabold and beautifulIrish
FKeonibold and beautifulIrish
FKeridark hairedIrish
FKeriannKeri + AnnIrish
MKermitfree from envyIrish
MKernlittle and darkIrish
MKerrickking's ruleEnglish
FKerrydark hairedIrish
MKesterChrist bearerEnglish
MKevanhandsome; gentle childIrish
MKevin handsome; gentle childIrish
MKeykey; protectedEnglish
MKeyanborn to nobilityIrish
MKeynanold wise oneIrish
MKeytonwhere hawks flyEnglish
FKeziaha cinnamon-like spiceEnglish

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