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Names and Thier Meaning from:  RO - RT

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M/F Baby Names Names and Thier Meaning Origin
MRoantree with red berriesEnglish
MRoarpraised warriorNorwegian
MRoarkefamous rulerIrish
MRobfamous brillianceEnglish
MRobbiefamous brillianceAmerican
MRobertfamous brillianceEnglish
FRobertafamous brillianceEnglish
MRobertofamous brillianceItalian
MRobinsonson of RobertIrish
MRobustianostrong as oakLatin
FRochellelarge stoneFrench
MRockrocky springEnglish
MRocklandrocky landEnglish
MRockleyrocky fieldEnglish
MRodfamous rulerEnglish
MRodaswhere roses growGreek
MRodenred valleyEnglish
MRoderichfamous rulerGerman
FRoderigafamous rulerSpanish
MRodgerfamous spearmanGerman
MRodmanfamous spearmanGerman
FRodneishaRodney + AishaAmerican
MRodneyisland clearingEnglish
MRodrickfamous rulerGerman
MRodriguesson of RodrigoSpanish
MRodrikfamous rulerGerman
MRogerfamous spearmanGerman
MRohitbig and beautiful fishHindu
FRoisinbeautiful roseIrish
MRojeliofamous warriorSpanish
MRolandfamous in the landGerman
MRolfwolf counselorGerman
MRollewolf counselorSwedish
MRollinfamous in the landEnglish
FRolondafamous in the landGerman
MRomainmeaning from RomeFrench
FRomeldaRoman fighterGerman
MRomelioGod's beloved oneHebrew
MRomneywinding riverWelsh
FRomualdaglorious governessGerman
MRomulofull of strengthGreek
MRonaldadvisor to the kingScottish
MRonaldoadvisor to the kingPortuguese
MRondella short poemFrench
MRonelsong of the LordHebrew
FRoneshaRon + AishaAmerican
FRonicatrue imageLatin
MRonnieking's advisorScottish
MRonsonson of RonaldScottish
FRonyaadvisor; counselorGerman
MRooseveltfield of rosesDutch
MRoryfamous rulerGerman
FRosabeautiful flowerItalian
FRosalbawhite roseSpanish
FRosaliefair roseEnglish
FRosalindfair roseSpanish
FRosamariaRosa + MariaSpanish
FRosamundfamous guardianSpanish
FRosannaRose + AnnaEnglish
FRoscidamorning dewLatin
FRoseannRose + AnnEnglish
FRoseannaRose + AnnaEnglish
FRoselaniheavenly roseHawaiian
FRosemaryRose + MaryEnglish
FRosendaexcellent ladyGerman
FRosettalittle roseSpanish
FRoshawnaRose + ShawnaAmerican
FRosiclaraRose + ClaraFrench
FRosildahorse-riding warriorGerman
FRosinabeautiful flowerSpanish
FRosiofair roseSpanish
FRoslyncape; promontoryScottish
MRosswellspringtime of rosesEnglish
MRoswaldfield of rosesEnglish
FRosyfair roseEnglish
FRowanred berriesEnglish
MRowelldeer watering placeEnglish
MRowlandrough landEnglish
MRoyking; royalFrench
FRoyaqueen; royalEnglish
FRoyalequeen; royalAmerican
MRoyceson of RoyEnglish
FRozfair roseEnglish
FRozellebeautiful flowerLatin

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