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Meaning of Baby Name from: GA - GL

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You typed Meaning of Baby Name. So obviously you are looking for really great names for your little girl or boy....

At Top 100 Baby Names Search our philosophy is, "consider everything, and pick the best!" What is so great about our baby names from around the world is that they are unique, traditional, simply fabulous... AND there are so many to choose from.

When I was selecting names for my children I wanted to create a short list from names that I found intriguing in someway. Next, my husband and I went through every name on our short lists and rated them based our own personally selected criteria... Víola!... One or two special names rose to the top. Selecting our children's names was a total blast. I feel the key was having a long list of baby names to begin with.

So, here it is, a long list of Meaning of Baby Name for your consideration. Enjoy.

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M/F Baby Names Meaning of Baby Name Origin
FGabeledevoted to GodFrench
MGaborgift; talentGerman
MGabrieldevoted to GodHebrew
FGabrielladevoted to GodItalian
FGabrielledevoted to GodFrench
FGalanacalm like the seaGreek
MGalenbright shining whiteGaelic
MGallowaya Scotsman in IrelandIrish
MGandaring; adventurousChinese
FGanyaable to outwitZulu
FGarcellelittle spearFrench
MGarciamighty with a spearSpanish
MGarlandwreath of flowersFrench
FGarnetdark and red gemEnglish
MGarrettbrave spearmanEnglish
MGarrickgrove of oaksEnglish
MGarrisonson of GarryEnglish
MGarsonson of GarryEnglish
MGarwoodevergreen forestEnglish
MGarymighty spearmanGerman
FGashagood; kindRussian
MGautamthe BuddhaIndian
FGaveshathe seekerSanskrit
MGavinwhite hawkWelsh
MGavrilman of GodRussian
FGaylamerry; livelyEnglish
FGaylemerry; livelyEnglish
FGaylynnGay + LynnAmerican
MGearyvariable; changeableEnglish
MGeffreydivinely peacefulEnglish
MGenaroconsecrated to GodLatin
FGeneenGod is graciousScottish
FGeneriawhole kind or classEnglish
MGenesisbeginning; originGreek
FGenevievewhite phantomGerman
FGenieheavenly messengerFrench
FGennaorigin; birthGreek
MGeofferydivinely peacefulEnglish
FGeorgeannGeorgia + AnnEnglish
FGeorgeannaGeorgia + AnnaEnglish
FGeorgieGeorgia + AnneEnglish
MGeraldmighty spearmanGerman
FGeraldinemighty with a spearGerman
MGeraldomighty spearmanItalian
MGerardmighty spearmanEnglish
FGerimighty with a spearAmerican
MGerinolance; spearGerman
FGermainefrom GermanyFrench
MGermainefrom GermanyFrench
MGeroldomighty spearmanGerman
MGerrodmighty spearmanEnglish
MGerrymighty spearmanEnglish
MGersonson of GershomEnglish
FGertrudebeloved warrior womanGerman
FGervasiamighty with a spearGerman
MGesualdoprisoner of the kingGerman
MGewapositive karmaTibetan
MGhatanastrives to achieveSanskrit
MGideontree cutterHebrew
FGigipledge; trustworthyFrench
MGilbertpledge; trustworthyEnglish
FGildacovered with goldEnglish
MGilesgoatskin shieldFrench
MGillesgoatskin shieldFrench
MGilmerfamous hostageEnglish
MGilmoredevoted to Virgin MaryIrish
FGinetteGod is graciousAmerican
FGingerflower; spiceLatin
FGinnifersmooth; softEnglish
FGiorgiannaGeorge + AnnaEnglish
FGiovannaGod is graciousItalian
MGirvinsmall; toughIrish
FGisellepledge; hostageGerman
FGizelapledge; hostageCzech
MGlanvillevillage with oak treesEnglish
FGledahappy; contentEnglish
FGlendavalley; glenWelsh
MGlendonfortress in the glenIrish
FGlennavalley; glenIrish
MGlenrowanvalley of rowan treesIrish
FGlorethaexalted praiseAmerican
FGloriaglory; victoryLatin
FGloryglory; victoryLatin

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