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Meaning of Your Name from: KF - KI

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M/F Baby Names Meaning of Your Name Origin
MKhaleelbeautiful; good friendArabic
FKhaliyahimmortal; everlastingArabic
FKhasyacinnamon-like spiceAmerican
FKhimberlychief; rulerEnglish
MKhonsgod of the moonEgyptian
MKhrisnathe black oneIndian
FKhrissafollower of ChristAmerican
MKhristianfollower of ChristGreek
FKhristinefollower of ChristScandinav.
MKhristopherfollower of ChristGreek
MKhulusclearness; purityArabic
FKiairalittle and darkIrish
MKianborn to nobilityIrish
MKianborn to nobilityScottish
FKianiathe dawnKikuyu
FKiaralittle and darkIrish
FKiarralittle and darkIrish
FKiaunaprefix Ki + AnaAmerican
FKichesky spirit goddessCree
MKiddchild; young goatEnglish
FKieannaprefix Ki + AnaAmerican
FKiearalittle and darkIrish
MKieferbarrel makerGerman
MKiela narrow piece of landIrish
MKienanold wise oneIrish
MKierlittle and darkIrish
FKierradark hairedIrish
FKieranlittle and darkIrish
MKieranlittle and darkIrish
MKieronlittle and darkirish
FKieslaship islandScottish
FKigvawife of Partholon's sonWelsh
MKiirray of lightEstonian
FKikawhat is greater than God?Ibo
MKilenarrow piece of landIrish
MKillianlittle KellyIrish
FKimchief; rulerEnglish
MKimhollow vesselEnglish
FKimberchief; rulerEnglish
FKimberlychief; rulerEnglish
FKimbraKim + DebraEnglish
FKimikorighteous childJapanese
FKimmychief; rulerEnglish
MKingolden Japanese
FKinawise childIrish
FKinadefender of mankindScottish
MKincaidbattle chiefScottish
FKindrawater babyEnglish
MKingsleyking's meadowEnglish
MKingstonking's estateEnglish
MKingswellking's wellEnglish
MKinnardtall slopeIrish
FKinseyoffspring; relativeEnglish
MKinseyvictorious royaltyEnglish
FKinshasacapital city of DRC (Zaire)African
FKinzaoffspring; relativeAmerican
FKinziechild of wise leaderScottish
FKippointed hillEnglish
MKippointed hillEnglish
FKiranaray of lightHindi
MKirbychurch villageEnglish
MKirianborn in a dark placeIrish
MKirklandchurch's estateEnglish
MKirkleychurch's meadowEnglish
MKirklinchurch's estateEnglish
MKirkwellchurch's wellEnglish
MKirkwoodchurch's forestEnglish
FKirstafollower of ChristScandinav.
MKirtenclosure; courteousLatin
MKirtonchurch townEnglish
FKisharonvery talentedHebrew
FKishorayouthful oneSanskrit
MKisturskillful riderGypsy
MKitwanapledged to liveSwahili
FKiyato flySioux
FKizzycinnamon-like spiceEnglish

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