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Name Origins and Meanings from: LA - LD

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M/F Baby Names Name Origins and Meanings Origin
MLabrentsiscrowned with laurelsRussian
MLachlanland of lakesScottish
FLaDawnprefix La + DawnAmerican
FLadawnaprefix La + DawnaAmerican
MLaderrickprefix La + DerrickAmerican
FLaDorisprefix La + DorisAmerican
MLaidleypath in the meadowEnglish
MLainnarrow roadEnglish
MLairdlord; masterScottish
FLakayaprefix La + KayaAmerican
FLakenyaprefix La + KenyaAmerican
FLakishaprefix La + KeishaAmerican
FLalihighest point of heavenSpanish
MLallawell spokenSpanish
FLallietalks a lotEnglish
MLamarfamous in the landGerman
MLamarcusprefix La + MarcusAmerican
MLambertbright landGerman
MLancelotKing Arthur's knightFrench
FLandathe Virgin MarySpanish
MLandanopen and grassy meadowEnglish
MLanderlion man; land ownerBasque
MLandonopen and grassy meadowEnglish
FLandynopen and grassy meadowEnglish
MLaneopen and grassy meadowEnglish
FLanelleLane + ElleAmerican
FLanetteidol; birdWelsh
FLaNevathe snowSpanish
MLanfordlong riverEnglish
MLangdonlong hillEnglish
MLangfordlong riverEnglish
FLangleylong meadowEnglish
MLangleylong meadowEnglish
FLanienarrow roadEnglish
FLanikathe highest heavenHawaiian
FLannettefrom the small laneFrench
MLannycrowned with laurelsAmerican
MLaostand of glorySpanish
FLaraecheerful; shiningGreek
MLarenzocrowned with laurelsItalian
FLarielGod's lionessHebrew
FLarinasea gullGreek
MLarkinrough; fierceIrish
FLarnellehigh degreeLatin
FLaRuthfriend; companionHebrew
FLasaicalm and carefreeBasque
FLaShaunaprefix La + ShaunaAmerican
FLaShawnGod is graciousHebrew
FLassieyoung girlIrish
MLaszlofamous rulerHungarian
MLateefgentle; pleasantArabic
MLathropbarn; farmsteadEnglish
FLatifahpleasant; to caressArabic
MLatimerfriendly; pleasantEnglish
FLatrenaletter L and KatrenaAmerican
FLatriceprefix La + BeatriceAmerican
MLaughlinservant of Saint SecundinusIrish
MLauracrowned with laurelsLatin
FLaureanneLaurie + AnnaEnglish
MLaurencecrowned with laurelsLatin
MLaurenciocrowned with laurelsSpanish
MLauriecrowned with laurelsEnglish
FLaurie AnnLaurie + AnnAmerican
FLauritacrowned with laurelsSpanish
FLaurycrowned with laurelsEnglish
FLauryncrowned with laurelsEnglish
FLavenderbluish violetLatin
FLavernegrove of alder treesLatin
FLavianawoman of Rome, ItalyLatin
MLawfordford on the hillEnglish
MLawrycrowned with laurelsEnglish
MLawsonson of LawrenceEnglish
FLayanbright; shiningIranian
FLayladark beauty; nightHebrew
MLaytonmeadow farmEnglish
MLazarusGod has helpedGreek

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