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Meaning of My Name from: ME - MN

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M/F Baby Names Meaning of My Name Origin
FMeaganpearl; greatIrish
FMedapriestessNat. Amer.
FMedinaMuhammad's tombArabic
FMeenablue stone; birdHindi
FMeghanpearl; greatWelsh
FMekaylawho is like God?American
FMelainacanary yellowLatin
MMelbournemill streamEnglish
MMeldrickstrong millEnglish
FMeleaapple tree; honeyGreek
FMelitahoney beeGreek
FMeloniebig black eyesAmerican
MMelvinarmored chiefIrish
FMelynacanary yellowLatin
FMendisea of bitternessBasque
FMercedesreward; paymentLatin
FMerciamartial; warlikeEnglish
FMeredithprotector of the seaWelsh
MMerillepeople of EthiopiaEthiopian
FMerilynMary + LynnEnglish
MMerrickruler of the seaEnglish
MMerrillbright seaIrish
FMerrinagrass seedAustralian
FMerrycheerful; happyEnglish
MMertonsea townEnglish
MMervlover of the seaIrish
MMervillesea villageFrench
MMervinlover of the seaIrish
FMetrodoragift of the cityGreek
FMhairiesea of bitternessScottish
MMicahwho is like God?Hebrew
MMichaelwho is like God?Hebrew
MMichailwho is like God?Russian
FMichelaywho is like God?American
FMichellewho is like God?French
MMichioman on a good pathJapanese
MMickwho is like God?English
MMickaelwho is like God?English
MMickeywho is like God?Irish
FMiekanew moonAmerican
FMiginanew moonOmaha
MMiguelitolittle MichaelSpanish
FMikaelawho is like God?Hebrew
FMikalwho is like God?Hebrew
MMikealwho is like God?Irish
FMikelwho is like God?Hebrew
FMikenziechild of wise leaderAmerican
FMikhaylawho is like God?American
FMikkanew moonHebrew
MMilíadesreddish complexionGreek
FMilbakind protectorGerman
MMilboroughmiddle boroughEnglish
MMilburnstream by the millEnglish
FMildredgentle counselorEnglish
FMilenkamy small oneRussian
MMilesmillstone; mercifulEnglish
MMilfordmill by the fordEnglish
FMililaniheavenly caressHawaiian
FMilkahard workingCzech
FMilliehard workingEnglish
FMillyhoney beeAmerican
MMiltmill townEnglish
MMiltonmill townEnglish
FMinalove; blue skyGerman
MMinervopower; youngGreek
MMinorjunior; youngerLatin
MMiquelwho is like God?Spanish
FMirisea of bitternessGypsy
FMirnapolite; peacefulIrish
FMisakoocean sand childJapanese
MMishaaltorch; lightArabic
FMissouriMidwestern U.S. stateAmerican
FMissyhoney beeEnglish
FMistyshrouded by mistEnglish
MMitchwho is like God?English
MMitchellwho is like God?English
FMiyokobeautiful childJapanese

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