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M/F Baby Names Names and their Meanings Origin
MDubricdark-haired rulerEnglish
FDuchesswife of the dukeEnglish
FDulanaeminent and superiorZulu
FDulciesweet; agreeableLatin
MDunatestrong mighty oneGreek
MDuncanbrown-haired warriorScottish
MDunleyhilly meadowEnglish
MDunlopmuddy hillScottish
MDunnbrown-haired warriorScottish
MDunstanbrownstone fortressEnglish
MDuntonhilly townEnglish
MDurellking's doorkeeperScottish
MDurenenduring oneDutch
FDurgabrave goddessHindi
FDurvenbold and daringDutch
FDuschasoul; sweetheartRussian
FDustivaliant fighterEnglish
MDustinvaliant fighterGerman
FDustinvaliant fighterGerman
MDustyvaliant fighterEnglish
FDutchesswife of the dukeEnglish
MDuxleader among menLatin
MDuyiindependent wholenessChinese
MDyerfabric dyerEnglish
MDylanof the seaWelsh
FDylanaof the seaWelsh
FDymondprecious gemLatin
FDynastypowerful rulerLatin
FDyrkaworthy of worshipSwedish
MDysonson of DennisEnglish
FDzidzohappiness; blissAfrican
FEadmundprosperous protectorEnglish
MEaganvery mightyIrish
MEamonguardian of the richesIrish
MEanGod is graciousEnglish
FEannahouse of GodHebrew
MEarlpledge; noblemanIrish
FEarlenenoble warrior womanEnglish
MEarnestearnest; sincereEnglish
FEarnestinaearnest; sincereEnglish
FEarwynfriend from the seaEnglish
FEasterpagan goddess of Spring EquinoxEnglish
MEastoneastern townEnglish
MEbfoundation stoneHebrew
MEbenezerfoundation stoneHebrew
FEberwild boarGerman
MEboborn on TuesdayFante
FEboneyrich and dark woodGreek
FEbrillborn in AprilWelsh
MEbronahpassage; heavenHebrew
FEchidnaa wild boarEgyptian
MEciopossessor of great strengthLatin
FEdannaEda + AnnaAmerican
MEddie / Eddysuccessful spearmanEnglish
MEdelnoble; fancy ringGerman
FEdeliaalways youngGreek
FEdelinenoble; kindEnglish
FEdelma always youngGreek
FEdendelight; garden of first womanHebrew
MEdendelight; garden of first womanHebrew
FEdessaa Macedonian townLatin
FEdgashield bearerGreek
MEdgardsuccessful spearmanEnglish
MEdgardosuccessful spearmanSpanish
FEdierich giftEnglish
MEdisonson of EdwardEnglish
FEdithrich giftEnglish
FEdlynprosperous; nobleEnglish
MEdmondwealthy protectorEnglish
MEdmundwealthy protectorEnglish
FEdorisletter E + DorisAmerican
FEdriannarich; darkGreek
MEdselrich man's houseEnglish
FEduardaprosperous guardianEnglish
MEduardoprosperous guardianSpanish
MEdukassuccessful oneEstonian
MEdwardprosperous guardianEnglish
MEdwinprosperous friendEnglish
FEdwinaprosperous friendEnglish

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