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Baby Name Meanings

Baby Name Meanings from: AA - AL

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M/F Baby Names Baby Name Meanings Origin
MAagneyson of the fire godIndian
MAalokcry of victoryIndian
MAaronenlightened; messengerHebrew
MAaronjamesAaron + JamesAmerican
FAartivalley of the eagleHebrew
FAbaborn on ThursdayFante
FAbagealfather's joyHebrew
FAbamsecond child after twinsTwi
MAbanold Arabic NameArabic
MAbbeyfather of many nationsHebrew
MAbdallaservant of GodSwahili
FAbelineAbbey + LinaBasque
FAbijahthe Lord is my FatherHebrew
FAbrialopen; secure; protectedFrench
FAcenithAfrican goddess of loveAfrican
MAckleymeadow of oak treesEnglish
MActontown by the oaksEnglish
FAdannaher father's daughterAfrican
FAddisonchild of AdamEnglish
MAddisonson of AdamEnglish
FAdelanoble and sereneEnglish
FAdelekecrown brings happinessYoruba
FAdelinanoble and sereneEnglish
FAdesimbonoble birthYoruba
FAdilenenoble and sereneEnglish
MAdivgracious, kindHebrew
MAdnanthe settler; to pleaseArabic
FAdriánfrom the Adriatic SeaSpanish
MAdroaGod's willLuganda
FAeronaberry, or a sweet fruitWelsh
FAftonfrom Afton, EnglandEnglish
FAgatafriendly with everyoneGreek
FAgilbertasword of combatGerman
FAidennoble and sereneLatin
MAilenmade of oakOld Eng. 
FAinoahas fertile soilBasque
FAireneIrene; peacefulAmerican
FAisonethe AssumptionBasque
FAkaylaletter A + KaylaAmerican
MAkihirobright scholarJapanese
MAkinbrave one; heroYoruba
MAkweteeyounger of twinsGa
MAla'nobility, excellenceArabic
FAlamedapoplar treeSpanish
MAlandbright as the sunEnglish 
FAlauraA + LoraAmerican
FAlboradabrandy-colored dawnLatin
MAldemarfamous for nobilityGerman
FAldenold; wise protectorEnglish
MAlderneyone of the channel islesEnglish 
MAldisold houseEnglish
MAldredold, wise counselorEnglish
MAldrichwise counselorEnglish
FAlehaascender, exaltedAmerican
FAleshatruthful, nobleGreek
MAletalittle wingSpanish
FAlfiewise counselorEnglish
MAlfordfrom the old fordOld Eng. 
MAlfredwise counselorEnglish
MAlgernonwearing a moustacheEnglish
MAlgiewearing a moustacheEnglish
FAlicentruthful and nobleEnglish
FAliciatruthful and nobleEnglish
FAlishaprotected by GodSanskrit
FAlishiatruthful, nobleEnglish
FAlisontruthful and nobleEnglish
MAlistairdefender of mankindEnglish
FAlizabethconsecrated to GodHebrew
MAllardnoble, braveEnglish
FAlliciatruthful, nobleEnglish
FAllisontruthful and nobleEnglish
FAlluraallure, attractionEnglish
FAllysentruthful, nobleEnglish
FAlmanurturing oneLatin
MAlmonoble and famousOld Eng. 
FAlonsanoble and eagerEnglish
MAlstonestate of a noblemanEnglish
FAltheawholesome; healerGreek
MAlvararmy of the elvesEnglish
FAlvinafriend to all; noble friendEnglish
FAlyxandradefender of mankindGreek

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