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World Names > Page 1 - Japanese Baby Names

Japanese Baby Names

Find baby names of all shapes & sizes here at Top 100 baby names search. Search our Japanese Baby Names, and other great world names. You will discover naming oddities, articles and more that will entertain, inform, and amuse you.

Ultimately you will create a short list of really great names that reflect the wishes you have for your child-to-be. It is our goal to help you do just that... This site is yours to explore and browse.

Because Top 100 Baby Names Search was designed to aid you in your search for the perfect name for your baby. Listen... Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously!

So, please feel free to check out these Japanese Baby Names below!

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M/F Japanese Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
FAikalove songJapanese
FAimilove beautyJapanese
FAiyabeautiful silkJapanese
FAkanebrilliant redJapanese
FAkasukibright helperJapanese
MAkemibeauty of dawnJapanese
FAkiautumn; brightJapanese
MAkihikoshining princeJapanese
MAkihirobright scholarJapanese
FAkikoautumn childJapanese
FAkinaspring flowerJapanese
FAkirabright and clear dawnJapanese
MAkirabright and clear dawnJapanese
FAmaterasusun goddessJapanese
FAmayanight rainJapanese
FAmidaname of BuddhaJapanese
MAmidaname of BuddhaJapanese
FAnkacolor of dawnJapanese
FAnnaishahelpful guide to othersJapanese
FAnnyapeace and sustenanceJapanese
MArakanworthy one; heroJapanese
FArisunoble sortJapanese
FAsaborn in morningJapanese
FAsamimorning beautyJapanese
FAsukatomorrow fragranceJapanese
MAtsushicordial; industriousJapanese
FAyakacolorful flowerJapanese
FAyakoscholarly childJapanese
FAyanocolorful woven silkJapanese
FAzamithistle flowerJapanese
FAzumisafe residenceJapanese
FBunkoliterary childJapanese
FChiasaone thousand morningsJapanese
FChiekothousand blessings childJapanese
FChiharuone thousand springsJapanese
FChikakochild of wisdomJapanese
FChinamione-thousand wavesJapanese
FChitosethousand yearsJapanese
FChiyoone thousand generationsJapanese
FChizuone thousand storksJapanese
MDaichigreat first sonJapanese
MDaisukegreat helperJapanese
FDaitandaring; bold oneJapanese
FDenbequest from ancestorsJapanese
FEikolong-lived childJapanese
FEmikosmiling childJapanese
FEmiyoblessed beautiful generationJapanese
FEnagift from GodJapanese
MEnagift from GodJapanese
FEriblessed prizeJapanese
FErityone who's specialJapanese
FEtsukojoyful childJapanese
MEzumepure water; pondJapanese
MFudogod of fire and wisdomJapanese
MFujitafield Japanese
FFumikochild of treasured beautyJapanese
MGenkilively oneJapanese
MGorofifth sonJapanese
MHachiroeighth sonJapanese
FHanafavorite; flower Japanese
FHanakoflower childJapanese
FHananflower childJapanese
FHaneenflower childJapanese
MHaruborn in spring Japanese
FHarukispringtime treeJapanese
MHaruospringtime manJapanese
FHayamirare and unusual beautyJapanese
FHidekosplendid childJapanese
FHideyosuperior generationsJapanese
MHikarulight; shiningJapanese
FHirobroad; widespreadJapanese
MHirokiabundant joy and strengthJapanese
FHiromiwidespread beautyJapanese
MHiroyukiwidespread happinessJapanese
FHisanolong plainJapanese
FHotarufirefly; lightning bugJapanese
MIsaohonor; meritJapanese
MIzanagimale who invitesJapanese
MJobenenjoys cleanlinessJapanese

*Japanese Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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