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World Names > Page 1 - English Baby Names

English Baby Names

Find a huge selection of English Baby Names. You can browse our database of 10,000+ baby names and naming lists. After all baby boys names are all about puppy dog tails… and snails? Is that how the nursery rhyme goes?... Nevertheless, everyone agrees that little boys can be energetic balls of movement. AND it only makes sense that the moniker should match the boy.

So, to facilitate your careful search we have put together the very best elements of boys names, imagination and tradition... At Top 100 Baby Names we work hard to bring you uncompromising quality in English baby names and other great naming lists! So, please feel free to browse below and throughout this entire site... Enjoy.

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M/F English Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
FAbigailfather's joyHebrew
FAbriellesecure; protectedFrench
MAidanfull of fireGaelic
FAldenwise protectorEnglish
MAldredwise counselorEnglish
MAldrichwise counselorEnglish
FAlfredawise counselorEnglish
FAlicathe nourished oneLatin
FAmybeloved oneLatin
FAnarosaAna + RosaEnglish
FAngelaheavenly messengerGreek
FArleighmeadow of the hareEnglish
FArtemisgoddess of the huntGreek
MArthurnoble; lofty hillEnglish
FAsheleyash tree meadowEnglish
MAstoneastern townEnglish
MAthertontown by a springEnglish
FAudrinaAudrey + AnnaEnglish
FAverynoble; bearlikeEnglish
MBarnardbrave as a bearFrench
MBarringtonfenced townEnglish
MBartletson of TalmaiEnglish
MBertiebright; shiningEnglish
FBeverleybeaver fieldEnglish
MBillydetermined guardianGerman
MBinkybean fieldEnglish
FBirdielittle birdEnglish
MBradbroad river crossingEnglish
MBradonbroad hillEnglish
MBradshawbroad fenceEnglish
FBritaneyfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBrittanfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBrittanicafrom Great BritainEnglish
MBrodson of the famous rulerEnglish
MBurneyisland with a brookEnglish
MByramcattle yardEnglish
MByrnebrook; streamEnglish
FCarleighlittle and strongEnglish
FCarlyleisland dwellerEnglish
MChancellorrecord keeperEnglish
FCharlenelittle and strongEnglish
MCharlestonCarl's townEnglish
FCharleystrong; farmerGerman
MCharliestrong; farmerEnglish
FCimberleighchief; rulerEnglish
FClareclear and brightEnglish
MClivecliff at the river crossingEnglish
MCooperbarrel makerEnglish
MCorey hollowIrish
FCosettevictorious peopleFrench
FCrystalbrilliant as glassLatin
MDartondeer townEnglish
MDaultontown in the valleyEnglish
FDevonnafrom Devonshire, EnglandEnglish
MDoanelow and rolling hillsEnglish
FDoannelow and rolling hillsEnglish
MDobfamous brillianceEnglish
FDoea female deerEnglish
FEarwynfriend from the seaEnglish
MEddiesuccessful spearmanEnglish
FEdelinenoble; kindEnglish
MEdselrich man's houseEnglish
MEdsonson of EdwardEnglish
FElisabetconsecrated to GodHebrew
MElsworthestate of a noblemanEnglish
MEmmittindustrious; strongGerman
MEmoryindustrious leaderGerman
FEssencelife; essenceEnglish
FEugeniaborn to nobilityGreek
FEvangelinabearer of good newsGreek
MEzrahhelpful oneHebrew
MFarnhamfield of fernsEnglish
MFarnleyfern meadowEnglish
FFidelityfaithful; true; fidelityLatin
FFlorenceflowering; prosperousLatin
FFlorieflowering; prosperousEnglish
MFrancisfrom FranceLatin
MFrankiefrom FranceEnglish
MGarradbrave spearmanEnglish
MGarrettbrave spearmanEnglish
FGennasmall birdEnglish
FGeorgianaGeorgia + AnneEnglish
MGersonson of GershomEnglish
MGilmerfamous hostageEnglish

*English Baby Names List - compiled by research & survey

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