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World Names > Page 2 - English Baby Name List

English Baby Name List

"Hear Ye... Presenting fantastic English Baby Names List for your viewing pleasure"... Alright, a little corny, right? But listen. English naming traditions have really influenced cultures from around the country & world.

English names are all about being tradition, dignity, and are memorable... Many other cultures have begun to adopt those tenets when selecting their baby names as well. People want to go far beyond the traditional "Jennifer" & "John". Folks these days are much more open to considering a wide variety of names for children.

At Top 100 Baby Names Search we have striven to provide you with just such variety. Our goal is to be the premier resource for English baby name lists and other baby name searches on the net today. Don't take our word for it... Check us out.

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M/F English Baby Name Meaning of Name Origin
FGraceannGrace + AnnEnglish
FGraysonchild of the bailiffEnglish
FGretchenmy pearlGerman
MGrimshawdark woodsEnglish
MHadleyheather-covered meadowEnglish
MHadwinfriend in a time of warEnglish
MHanfordhigh fordEnglish
MHargrovegrove of the haresEnglish
MHarisson of HarryEnglish
FHaylehay meadowEnglish
MHewittlittle smart oneGerman
MHoldendeep hollow in the valleyEnglish
MHollisfrom the grove of holly treesEnglish
MHuttonhouse on the jutting ledgeEnglish
MIdenpasture in the woodEnglish
FJanettGod is graciousFrench
FJaneyGod is graciousEnglish
MJarrettbrave spearmanEnglish
MJaxonson of JackEnglish
MJayblue jayFrench
FJobethJo + BethEnglish
FJolyaneGod will addEnglish
FKaralanaKara + LanaEnglish
FKarsena child of KarEnglish
FKendahlruler of the valleyEnglish
MKendelvalley of the riverEnglish
MKenwardroyal guardianEnglish
MKerrickking's ruleEnglish
MKnightarmored warriorEnglish
MKolecabbage farmerEnglish
MKolemancabbage farmerEnglish
FKylernarrow piece of landEnglish
FKyndraKendra; water babyEnglish
FLacebeautifully twisted togetherGreek
MLandonopen; grassy meadowEnglish
MLangstonlong; narrow townEnglish
MLathropbarn; farmsteadEnglish
FLeighannLee + AnnEnglish
MLewinbeloved friendEnglish
MLindenlinden hillEnglish
MLindleylinden fieldEnglish
FLinleyflax meadowEnglish
FLisetteGod is my oathHebrew
FLissahoney beeGreek
MLucabringer of lightItalian
FLucybringer of lightLatin
MLyndalvalley of linden treesEnglish
FLyndsaylinden tree islandEnglish
FMadilynhigh towerGreek
FMagdalenehigh towerGreek
FMaggihigh towerEnglish
FMarianMary + AnnEnglish
FMarilynMary + LynnEnglish
FMarineof the seaLatin
MMarlindeep-sea fishEnglish
MMartinmartial; warlikeLatin
FMasieldown from the starsEnglish
FMaudehigh towerEnglish
MMaxwellgreat springEnglish
MMedricflourishing meadowEnglish
FMerrycheerful; happyEnglish
FMilliehard workingEnglish
MMiltonmill townEnglish
MMohammedname of the ProphetArabic
MMontgomerymountain of a wealthy manFrench
FNatieborn on Christmas dayEnglish
MNesbitbend in a riverEnglish
MNewtonnew townEnglish
MNicholasvictory of the peopleGreek
MOgdenoak valleyEnglish
FOpelinetranslucent glassEnglish
MOrmondbear mountainEnglish
MOrrickold oak treeEnglish
FPaitonwarrior's townEnglish
MPalmerpalm-bearing pilgrimEnglish
FPansyflower; fragrantGreek

*English Baby Name List - compiled by research & survey

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