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Canadian Baby Names

Canadian Baby Names from: AA - GA

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Are you trying to find Baby Names from Canada?... Well, if you are anything like me, You want great names that will help your baby stand out from the crowd without making her subject to teasing.

The following list contains dozens of popular Canadian Baby Names. Just a mouse click away you will find names for boys and girls from around the world. Some will amaze you, others will amuse you. Some of these names will absolutely make it to your short list. In either case, Top 100 Baby Names Search was designed to aid you in your search for the perfect name for your baby.

With your baby in mind, we have created a terrific and fun list of Canadian Baby Names below... So enjoy.

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M/F Baby Names Canadian Baby Names Origin
MAaronenlightened messengerHebrew
FAbbiefather's joyHebrew
FAbbyfather's joyHebrew
FAbigailfather's joyHebrew
MAdrianrich; darkGreek
MAlexdefender of mankindGreek
FAlexadefender of mankindGreek
MAlexanderdefender of mankindGreek
FAlexandradefender of mankindGreek
FAlexisdefender of mankindGreek
FAlicathe nourished oneLatin
MAlvinnoble friendEnglish
FAlyssafrees and healsGreek
FAmandalovable oneLatin
FAmeliahard workingGerman
FAmybeloved oneLatin
FAngelaheavenly messengerGreek
FAngelicaheavenly messengerGreek
FAngelinaheavenly messengerRussian
FAshleaash tree meadowEnglish
FAshleyash-tree meadowEnglish
MAshtonash tree settlementEnglish
FAvabearer of good newsGreek
FAveryelf rulerEnglish
FAvianlike birds in the skyEnglish
MAylwinnoble friendEnglish
MBenson of my right handHebrew
MBenjaminson of my right handHebrew
MBlakehandsome and darkEnglish
FBlendavalley; glenEnglish
MBobbyfamous brillianceEnglish
MBradleyspirited; broad islandEnglish
MBradyspirited; broad islandIrish
MBrandonbeacon hillEnglish
MBraydenbroad valleyEnglish
MBraytonbright townEnglish
FBriannastrong; virtuousEnglish
MBrodycanal builderIrish
FBrookbrook; streamEnglish
FBrookebrook; streamEnglish
FBrooklynBrook + LynnAmerican
MBurfordbirch fordEnglish
MCalebdoggedly faithfulHebrew
MCameroncrooked noseScottish
MCarsonson of CarrEnglish
MCartercart driverEnglish
FCartercart driverEnglish
MCedericbattle chieftainEnglish
FCharlottelittle and strongFrench
MChaseagile hunterFrench
FChloeblooming; verdantGreek
MChristianfollower of ChristGreek
MChristopherfollower of ChristGreek
FClaireclear and brightFrench
MCliffcliff at the river crossingEnglish
FCodiecushion; comfortEnglish
MCodycushion; comfortEnglish
MColecabbage farmerLatin
MColinyoung cubIrish
FDanahfrom DenmarkEnglish
MDanielGod is my judgeHebrew
FDanielleGod is my judgeAmerican
MDarnelhidden placeEnglish
FDellanoble and sereneEnglish
MDerwarddeer keeperEnglish
MDominicbelonging to the LordLatin
MDylanof the seaWelsh
MEatonestate on the riverEnglish
FEdriceprosperous rulerEnglish
MElijahthe Lord is my GodHebrew
FElizabethconsecrated to GodHebrew
FEllabeautiful fairy-womanEnglish
MElstonnoble's townEnglish
FElvinanoble friendEnglish
FEmilyindustrious; flattererLatin
MEricbrave rulerScand.
MEthanstrong; firmHebrew
FEvabearer of good newsGreek
MEvanyoung warriorIrish
MEzrahhelpful oneHebrew
FFaithfaithful; fidelityEnglish
MFlurryflourishing; bloomingEnglish
MGabrieldevoted to GodHebrew
FGabrielledevoted to GodFrench

*Canadian Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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Canadian Baby Names