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Boy Names Index > Page 1 - Modern English Baby Names

Modern English Baby Names

Looking for Modern English baby names?... Names that play well in England and the in US?

In fact, many of the baby names that are popular in England are popular across other English-speaking countries in the world. Countries like the US, Australia, and New Zealand all have very similar top 100 lists.

So, don't hesitate to check out the great boy names below. You are sure to find personal favorites. Maybe even one that will be perfect for your baby.

At Top 100 Baby Names Search we have striven to provide you with just such variety. Our goal is to be the premier resource for modern English baby names & more on the net today. Don't take our word for it... Check us out.

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M/F Modern English Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
MAckerleymeadow of oak treesEnglish
MAddisonson of AdamEnglish
MAdneya dweller on the islandEnglish
MAlderneyone of the channel islesEnglish 
MAllardnoble, braveEnglish
MAmherstplace nameEnglish 
MAquilinelike an eagleEnglish
MArledgelake with the haresEnglish
MArtisnoble, lofty hillEnglish
MAtkinshome of the relativesEnglish
MAudreynoble strengthEnglish
MBaila form of Vail; valleyEnglish
MBancroftbean fieldEnglish
MBarletson of TalmaíEnglish
MBarringtonfenced townEnglish
MBeasleya field of peasEnglish
MBerryberry; grapeEnglish
MBertiebright, shiningEnglish
MBillydetermined guardianGerman
MBirneyisland with a brookEnglish
MBlythecarefree; merryEnglish
MBondtiller of the soilEnglish
MBradburnbroad streamEnglish
MBradonbroad hillEnglish
M Modern English Baby NamesOrigin
MBradshawbroad fenceEnglish
MBramwellbramble springEnglish
MBransonson of BrandonEnglish
MBraydenbroad valleyEnglish
MBrentonsteep hillEnglish
MBrighamcovered bridgeEnglish
MBromleybrushwood meadowEnglish
MBrytonbright townEnglish
MBurleighmeadow of knotted tree trunksEnglish
MBurnettburned nettleEnglish
MBurtonfrom the fortified townEnglish
MCablerope makerEnglish
MCameroncrooked noseScottish
MCarsenson of CarrEnglish
MCedrickbattle chieftainEnglish
MChauceyrecord keeperEnglish
MCleveland of cliffsEnglish
MCliffcliff at the river crossingEnglish
MCodycushion; comfortEnglish
MCooperbarrel makerEnglish
MDalandale, valleyEnglish
MDalstonDaegel's townEnglish
MDanielGod is my judgeHebrew
MDanishfrom DenmarkEnglish
MDartondeer townEnglish
MDarwyndear friendEnglish
MDaytonday town; lightEnglish
MDelvinfriend from the valleyEnglish
MDenvergreen valleyEnglish
MDenzelfrom Cornwall, EnglandEnglish
MDruewise, manlyEnglish
MDunstanobrownstone fortressEnglish
MDyerfabric dyerEnglish
MEastoneastern townEnglish
MEbnerfather of lightEnglish
MEdisonson of EdwardEnglish
MEdwardprosperous guardianEnglish
MElderlives near the elder treesEnglish
MElianthe Lord is my GodEnglish
MEllsworthnobleman's estateEnglish
MElstonnoble's townEnglish
MElvinwhite, light-skinnedEnglish
MErlandestate of a noblemanEnglish
MEwingfriend of the lawEnglish
MFarlanefar laneEnglish
MFarnellfern-covered hillEnglish
MFlemingfrom DenmarkEnglish
MFordnames ending in -fordEnglish
M&nbps;Modern English Baby NamesOrigin
MForesterforest guardianEnglish
MFreyNorse god of peaceEnglish
MGarrisonson of GarryEnglish
MGarrowayspear fighterEnglish
MGearyvariable, changeableEnglish
MGerrymighty spearmanEnglish
MGilbertbrilliant pledgeEnglish
MGodwinfriend of GodEnglish
MGoldwingolden friendEnglish
MGrahamgrand homeEnglish
MGraydongray hillEnglish
MGreysonbailiff's sonEnglish
MHadenheather-covered hillEnglish
MHaigenclosed with hedgesEnglish
MHalbertshining heroEnglish
MHalifaxhold fieldEnglish
MHallwardhall guardEnglish

*Modern English Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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