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Boy Names Index > Page 3 - English Boys Names

English Boys Names

Looking for Top English Boys Names?... Baby names that are popular in both England and the in United States?

In fact, many of the baby names that are popular in England are popular across other English-speaking countries in the world. Countries like the US, Australia, and New Zealand all have very similar top 100 lists.

So, don't hesitate to check out the great boy names below. You are sure to find personal favorites. Maybe even one that will be perfect for your baby.

At Top 100 Baby Names Search we have striven to provide you with just such variety. Our goal is to be the premier resource for modern English Boys Names & more on the net today. Don't take our word for it... Check us out.

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M/F English Boys Names Meaning of Name Origin
MRidleymeadow of reedsEnglish
MRipleymeadow near the riverEnglish
MRoantree with red berriesEnglish
MRobinfamous brillianceEnglish
MRockfordrocky fordEnglish
MRoddyfamous rulerEnglish
MRodneyisland clearingEnglish
MRollofamous throughout the landEnglish
MRowellplace where the roe deer drinkEnglish
MRoydenrye hillEnglish
MRumfordwide river crossingEnglish
MRycroftrye fieldEnglish
MRyea grain used in cerealEnglish
MRylanestate where rye is grownEnglish
MSaigewise, a cooking herbEnglish
MSanderdefender of mankindEnglish
MSeabertshining seaEnglish
MSeatontown near the seaEnglish
M English Boys NamesOrigin
MSedgelysword meadowEnglish
MSelbyvillage by the mansionEnglish
MSextonchurch official; sextonEnglish
MShattucklittle shad fishEnglish
MShelleyledge estateEnglish
MSherbornclear brookEnglish
MSherillshire on a hillEnglish
MShipleysheep's meadowEnglish
MSinjinsaint, holy manEnglish
MSladenchild of the valleyEnglish
MSomertonsummer townEnglish
MSpearspear carrierEnglish
MStaceyproductive, stableEnglish
MStancliffstony cliffEnglish
MStantonstony farmEnglish
MStedmanowner of a farmsteadEnglish
MStephensonson of StephenEnglish
MStockmantree-stump removerEnglish
MStrongpowerful; strong manEnglish
MStuartcaretaker, stewardEnglish
MSuffieldsouthern fieldEnglish
MSutcliffsouthern cliffEnglish
MSwinbournestream used by swineEnglish
MSymingtonSimon's estateEnglish
MTallonclaw, nailEnglish
MTanerleather worker, tannerEnglish
MTannintan colored; darkEnglish
MTeasdaleriver dwellerEnglish
MTempletontown near the templeEnglish
MThaneattendant warriorEnglish
MThoma short form of Thomas; twinEnglish
MThornesharp spearEnglish
MThurmanThor's servantEnglish
MTiltonprosperous townEnglish
MTolbertbright tax collectorEnglish
MTomlinlittle TomEnglish
MTreythree; third in orderEnglish
MTruesdalefaithful one's homesteadEnglish
MTuckerfuller; tucker of clothEnglish
MTytile makerEnglish
MTymothyhonoring GodEnglish
MWaderiver crossingEnglish
MWalcottcottage by the wallEnglish
MWallacefrom WalesEnglish
M English Boys NamesOrigin
MWalworthfenced-in farmEnglish
MWardellwatchman's hillEnglish
MWardleywatchman's meadowEnglish
MWarmondtrue guardianEnglish
MWatforddam made of twigs and sticksEnglish
MWaylonland by the roadEnglish
MWellingtonrich man's townEnglish
MWesleywestern meadowEnglish
MWestleywestern meadowEnglish
MWeylinland by the roadEnglish
MWhistlerwhistler; piperEnglish
MWhitfordwhite fordEnglish
MWhitneywhite island; whiteEnglish
MWilderwilderness; wildEnglish
MWilkinsonson of WilkinsEnglish
MWilsonson of WillEnglish
MWinfieldfriendly fieldEnglish
MWingatewinding gateEnglish
MWinthropvictory at the crossroadsEnglish
MWoodruffforest rangerEnglish
MWordsworthguardian's estateEnglish
MWristontown near the shrubsEnglish
MWythewillow treeEnglish

*English Boys Names - compiled by research & survey

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