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World Names > Page 1 - Nigerian Baby Names

Nigerian Baby Names

Are you looking for a really Cool Nigerian Baby Names List?... Okay, maybe "spankin" is not the right word... perhaps it is "fantastic"... or maybe even "comprehensive"... At Top 100 Baby Names we have gone out of our way to put together the best elements of boys names, imagination and tradition so that we can offer you high quality baby names and naming lists...

But, of course, don't just take my word for it... Browse around and check us out for yourselves. We know you will agree that these Nigerian Baby Names are just what you have been looking for.

Hopefully you're convinced that Top 100 Baby Names Search is TOPS among baby name sites on the web today!...

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M/F Nigerian Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
M/FAbadomplea not to be chastisedIgbo
MAbaezebranch of the kingsIgbo
FAbayomishe brings me joyYoruba
MAbayomrunkojeGod won't allow humiliationYoruba
FAbebiwe asked for a girl childYoruba
MAbegundeborn during holidayYoruba
FAbeniwe asked for a girl childYoruba
MAbeohappiness bringerYoruba
FAbidemiborn during father's absenceYoruba
MAbidugunborn before the warYoruba
M/FAbiodunborn in a festive periodYoruba
MAbiodunborn at the time of festivalYoruba
M/FAbioyewe have royaltyYoruba
MAbioyeborn during a coronationYoruba
M/FAbolanlemet wealth at homeYoruba
M/FAbomeliAbo was victoriousIgbo
M/FAchebegoddess protectsIgbo
M/FAchikeslow and steady wins the raceIgbo
M/FAchutebelimit one can be pushed aroundIgbo
FAda-afoborn on third dayIgbo
FAdammadaughter of beautyIgbo
FAdankwoborn on fourth dayIgbo
FAdaomagood ladyIbo
FAdaoradaughter of allIgbo
M/FAdebambothe crown came with meYoruba
MAdebamgberoyalty dwells with meYoruba
M/FAdebisiwe added to the crownYoruba
MAdebiyiroyal oneYoruba
MAdebowalethe crown has come homeYoruba
M/FAdeboyethe crown has brought titleYoruba
MAdedayothe crown has turned to joyYoruba
MAdedejithe crown has become twoYoruba
FAdedoyinthe crown is now sweetYoruba
FAdefolakeyour wealth supports usYoruba
MAdejolaking of kings; GodYoruba
MAdekolathe crown gathers wealthYoruba
FAdelekethe crown brings happinessYoruba
MAdeleyethe crown is honorableYoruba
FAdenikethe crown is cherishedYoruba
FAdenikewealth of the crownYoruba
FAdeolawealth of the crownYoruba
M/FAdeoluyou figure it out; I don't knowYoruba
FAderinolawealth of the crownYoruba
FAderiyikethe pampered crownYoruba
MAdesehinwathe crown is backYoruba
FAdesewathe crown of beautyYoruba
MAdesolacrowned with wealthYoruba
M/FAdesolacrowned with wealthYoruba
M/FAdetokunbothe crown from abroadYoruba
FAdetokunbofather has returned from a tripYoruba
MAdetosoyecrown is entitled to the throneYoruba
FAdetowumithe crown that I wished forYoruba
FAdewemimothe crown washed me cleanYoruba
MAdewoleroyalty enters the houseYoruba
MAdeyemithe crown suits me wellYoruba
MAdeyemothe crown befits this childYoruba
MAdimabuanow I am twoIgbo
FAdodoolabeautiful flowerYoruba
M/FAdubaresents the familyIgbo
FAdunolasweetness of wealthYoruba
FAfafafirst child of second husbandYoruba
MAfibaby the seaYoruba
M/FAfoakathe cause of our difficultiesIgbo
M/FAgbapuonwuplea for longevityIgbo
M/FAgbebiyilast name ; surnameYoruba
MAgbonkhinawelcome to lifeBenin
MAgbonseremawelcome to the worldBenin
MAghirighasecond of the twinsIgbo
M/FAguleopard; agility and strengthIgbo
M/FAgusiobocalm a volatile situationIgbo
M/FAguzaniland is free from all evilIgbo
MAigbekaenwe can't kill the clanBenin
MAigbokaithou shalt not killBenin
MAisosano one is above Godbenin
FAisosano one is above Godbenin
M/FAjakaGod is praisedIgbo
MAjalavictory at lastYoruba
MAjeigbeour investment is not lostYoruba
MAjibolaawake to richnessYoruba
MAkamerelive with the consequencesIgbo
MAkandefirst bornYoruba
MAkarachidivine destinyIgbo
MAkejuover pamperYoruba
FAkiakemego on before meBenin
MAkinbrave one; strong manYoruba
M/FAkingbadestrong man of the crownYoruba
MAkinjidestrong one has returnedYoruba
MAkinolastrong one has wealthYoruba
MAkinrinadebrave like a warriorYoruba
MAkinsheyevalor acts honorablyYoruba
MAkinshijuvalor awakesYoruba
MAkintundebrave one returnsYoruba
MAkonibrave warriorYoruba
M/FAkpomdon't criticize me unfairlyIgbo
FAkuziemGod has taught me a lessonIgbo
FAmarachukwuGod's graceIgbo
M/FAmenawonwater that we drinkBenin

*Nigerian Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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