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Boy Names Index > Page 1 - Unique African Boy Names

Unique African Boy Names

Discover loads of unique African Boy Names and lists... Find a carefully researched & assembled directory of thousands of baby names and naming lists.

We take pride in bringing you the most comprehensive baby name website, because we know that only the best will do for your baby. In addition to that, we understand that today's parents want to go far beyond the traditional "Jennifer" & "John".

Folks are much more open to considering a wide variety of names for their children. At Top 100 Baby Names Search we have striven to provide you with just such variety. Our goal is to be the premier resource for unique African boy names searches on the net today...

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M/F Unique African Boy Names Meaning of Name Origin
MAbeekuborn on WednesdayFante
MAbejideborn during winterYoruba
MAbidugunborn before the warYoruba
MAbiolaborn in honorYoruba
MAchinikeslow & steady wins the raceIbo
MAddaemorning sunAkan
MAddithe newAmharic
MAdebayohe came during a joyful timeYoruba
MAdegokeking has been exaltedYoruba
MAdelajaking settles a quarrelYoruba
MAdetokunbohonor came from overseasYoruba
MAdomhelp from GodAkan
MAdunbiborn to be pleasantYoruba
MAfeworkspeaks pleasant thingsEthiopian
MAframAfram riverGhanan
MAgyemanfourteenth-born childAkan
MAjamufights for what he wantsYoruba
MAkelloI have boughtAlur
MAkinkawonbravery pacified themYoruba
MAkinlawonbravery sustains themYoruba
MAkinshegunvalor conquersYoruba
MAkinwolevalor enters the houseYoruba
MAkonibrave warriorYoruba
MAmanipeace, trust, safetySwahili
MAmbakisyeGod has been mercifulNdali
MAmetefeborn after his father's deathEwe
MAnellacontent; satisfiedZulu
MAngoritlast-born childAteso
MAnkomalast born childAkan
MAramdethe walkerAmharic
MAtienoguardian of the nightSwahili
MAtuborn on SaturdayFante
MAyindegave praises and God cameYoruba
MBabafemifather loves meYoruba
MBabatunjifather returns againYoruba
MBadruborn at full moonSwahili
MBadutenth-born childAkan
MBagambalet them talkRutooro
MBagendathey wentLuganda
MBahemukaresembles his fatherRunyoro
MBainganapeople are equalRunyoro
MBalondemuchosen oneMusoga
MBandeleborn away from homeYoruba
MBategekapeople planRunyoro
MBayanaclear knowledgeSwahili
MBerhanuahis lightAmharic
MBirtukasweet as an orangeAmharic
MBirungisomething nice; perfectLuganda
MBisithe first childYoruba
MBwambalesecond-born sonRukonjo
MBwana Mkubwagreat masterSwahili
MBwireborn at nightBakedi
MByarugabaof GodRukiga
MChipersonal guardian angelNigerian
MChijokeGod gives talentIbo
MChinanan astonishing eventShona
MChiokegift of GodIbo
MChitundubird's nestMwera
MChukwudiGod has blessed usIbo
MCoffieborn on TuesdayEwe
MCommieborn on SaturdayEwe
MDanladiborn on SundayHausa
MDaudibeloved oneSwahili
MDawitbelovedEthiopian, Hebrew
MDayojoy arrivesYoruba
MDeggenerous kindnessAmharic
MDulanasuperior strengthZulu
MDumakahelp me with handsIbo
MEkundayohappiness after sorrowYoruba
MElewaone who understandsSwahili
MEssiensixth-born sonGa
MEwansihasecrets are not for saleBenin
MFantaabsence filler; proxyAmharic
MFenukuborn after termFante
MFynnOffin riverGhanan
MGanyaable to outwit; cunningZulu
MGezanthe one in chargeAmharic
MGoredennablack cloudShona

*Unique African Boy Names - compiled by research & survey

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