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Boy Names Index > Page 2 - African Boy Names

African Boy Names

You will find terrific African Boy Names in our large database of over 10,000+ baby names, middle names, nicknames & more...

If you are like I was when I was naming my children (I have 3, by the way), then you want a large assortment of truly great names from which to choose your child's name. You want something slightly different for your child, because after all there is no other child in this world that is just like yours!... And you don't want to get a tension headache surfing all over the net to accomplish this... Am I warm?...

Well, if that is you then you have come to the right location. We a Top 100 Baby Names Search have worked very hard to bring you, not only a terrific quantity of baby names, but premium quality African boy names as well. So go ahead and check them out!... Enjoy.

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M/F African Boy Names Meaning of Name Origin
MGyasiwonderful childAkan
MHajipilgrimage to MeccaSwahili
MHakimmedicine manAmharic
MHaoniyaotime of a quarrelSwahili
MIdiborn during Idd festivalSwahili
MIdogbeborn after twinsYoruba
MIlommy enemies are manyYoruba
MImasugreat beautyQuechua
MIroagbulamlet enmity destroy meIbo
MIssaGod is our salvationSwahili
MItembetrust; confidenceZulu
MJabulanibe happyZimbab.
MJatacelestial starKikuyu
MJibadeborn close to royaltyYoruba
MJimaof southwest EthiopiaEthiopian
MJimiyuborn in a dry seasonAbaluhya
MJumaborn on FridaySwahili
MKabiitoborn while foreigners visitRutooro
MKakyomyaancient GodRunyoro
MKamiof eastern TanzaniaTanzanian
MKamuhandaborn during a tripRunyankore
MKarutundaa little personRunyankore
MKaturamuborn after a long pregnancyRutooro
MKaveabove it allWolof
MKayinlong-hoped for childYoruba
MKayongawarrior of the Ankole clanRunyankore
MKeanjahomountain of beansKikuyu
MKemispoil me with loveYoruba
MKessechubby babyFante
MKhamisiborn on ThursdaySwahili
MKianteborn at dawnKikuyu
MKigongoborn before twinsLuganda
MKintufirst manUgandan
MKitoprecious stoneSwahili
MKokayisummon the peopleShona
MKpodoelder of twinsEwe
MKudzaito lift one upShona
MKwabenaborn on TuesdayAkan
MKwakouborn on WednesdayEwe
MKwameborn on SaturdayAkan
MKwanzaafeast of first fruitsSwahili
MLaniyanthoughtful oneYoruba
MLigongowho is this?Yao
MMadaadiof an age groupKikuyu
MMadzimoyowater of lifeNgoni
MMagomuyounger one of twinsLuganda
MMakkerwise manAmharic
MManusecond-born childAkan
MMawalawdeGod will provideEwe
MMazirespectable sirIbo
MMekonnenrespected, eliteAmharic
MMerillepeople of EthiopiaEthiopian
MMirutsthe chosen oneTingrinya
MMonzalhandsome oneAmharic
MMpagipillar of the communityLuganda
MMugisaborn with luckRutooro
MMuhairweGod-given childRunyankore
MMukasaGod's chief administratorLuganda
MMulumbahas more than his shareLuganda
MMusisiborn during an earthquakeLuganda
MMusokeborn under a rainbowRukonjo
MMuwangathe creatorLuganda
MMwakaborn on New Year's EveLuganda
MMwakeborn during farming seasonSwahili
MNakisisachild of the shadowsMuganda
MNangilaborn on a tripAbaluhya
MNangwayadon't trifle with meMwera
MNatukundoGod loves usRunyankore
MNkrumahninth-born childAkan
MN'namdifather's name lives onIbo
MNsubugaof the fish totem clanLuganda
MNyakoojofifth-born sonRutooro
MObadeleking arrives at the houseYoruba
MObasekiinfluence of the kingBenin

*African Boy Names - compiled by research & survey

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