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Girl Names Index > Page 1 - Baby Girl African Names

Baby Girl African Names

Discover loads of Baby Girl African Names and lists... Here at Top 100 Baby Names Search our carefully researched & assembled directory of thousands of baby names is among premier baby name sites on the web today. We pride ourselves in bringing you the most comprehensive baby name lists. BECAUSE, of course, only the best will do for your baby. AND, believe me we understand that!

When I was naming my children I tried to gather a large list of very cute & popular baby names that were slightly different, perhaps in their spelling or pronunciation. I just wanted something that would stand out a bit from the crowd without making my children subject to ridicule.

So, we at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to keep that spirit in mind when designing this website. We wanted to make gathering that special list of baby girl African names much, much easier for you than it was for me. So, welcome and feel free to browse this baby names list below. Then venture out to the rest of the website! Enjoy...

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M/F Baby Girl African Names Meaning of Name Origin
FAbebiwe asked for herYoruba
FAbejewe asked God for this childYoruba
FAcenithAfrican goddess of loveAfrican
FAdebolathe crown is hersYoruba
FAdelanahelpful neighborZulu
FAdesinaopens the way for anotherYoruba
FAdunathe worldWolof
FAilintransparent; very clearMapuche
FAinathe birth was difficultYoruba
FAishalife, womanSwahili
FAkinabrave oneYoruba
FAleelashe criesSwahili
FAlumineshe who shinesMapuche
FAmaborn on SaturdayAfrican
FAngaliais alert & observantSwahili
FAnulijoyous; delightfulIbo
FAsaase Afuadaughter of the fertility goddessAkan
FAsaase Yaagoddess of barren placesAkan
FAshantitribe in West AfricaSwahili
FAsyaborn during trauma & griefSwahili
FAulathe better; superior oneSwahili
FAyannabeautiful as a flowerAfrican
FAyinleoinextinguishable loveMapuche
FAyodelebrings joy with herYoruba
FAyoluwajoy of our peopleYoruba
FAzubaborn on MondayHausa
FBababorn on ThursdayAfrican
FBamidelewill lead the people homeYoruba
FBastetcat-headed goddessEgyptian
FBatiniinner thoughtsSwahili
FBayinikamanifest claritySwahili
FBezasun sparkleZulu
FBoladehonor arrivesYoruba
FBonisasight guideZulu
FBuselaindependent & happyZulu
FChaginabrave oneSwahili
FChausikuborn at nightSwahili
FChineyeChi givesIbo
FChinueblessings of ChiIbo
FCollipalcolored starMapuche
FDalilisign, omenSwahili
FDarayasplendid & elegantYoruba
FDelagenerous personZulu
FDidaragood graceful girlYoruba
FDjennécity in Mali, AfricaAfrican
FDumisapraise; honorZulu
FDzidzohappiness; blissAfrican
FEffiaborn on FridayGhaninian
FElimishateaches knowledgeSwahili
FEndeleabecomes famousSwahili
FEsiborn on SundayFante
FEzewagoodly womanIbo
FFabayoa lucky birth is joyYoruba
FFanakaone who succeedsSwahili
FFasinaIfa has opened a wayYoruba
FFolashadehonor bestows a crownYoruba
FFujoborn after parent's separationSwahili
FGabiselaconfident oneZulu
FGanyais able to outwit; cleverZulu
FGenamasecure & happyZulu
FHadiyapresent; giftSwahili
FHalleunexpected giftAfrican
FHasanashe arrived firstSwahili
FHudathe right path; right guidanceMuslim
FIfamaeverything is fineIbo
FIfeomaa good thingIbo
FIjomatravel safelyAfrican
FIlearathe healthy oneYoruba
FImarastrong one; resoluteSwahili
FImbianaunity songIbo
FIsharaa sign; phenomenonSwahili
FIsissupreme goddessEgyptian
FIsokagift from GodBenin
FIssathe Lord is my salvationSwahili
FIyawaability; skillHausa

*Baby Girl African Names - compiled by research & survey

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