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World Names > Page 2 - Nigerian Names Meaning

Nigerian Names Meaning

Discover loads of Nigerian Names Meaning and lists... Here at Top 100 Baby Names Search our carefully researched & assembled directory of thousands of baby names is among premier baby name sites on the web today. We pride ourselves in bringing you the most comprehensive baby name lists. BECAUSE, of course, only the best will do for your baby.

When I was naming my children I tried to gather a large list of very cute & popular baby names that were slightly different, perhaps in their spelling or pronunciation. I just wanted something that would stand out a bit from the crowd without making my children subject to ridicule.

So, we at Top 100 Baby Names Search wanted to make gathering that special list of Nigerian Names Meaning and other baby names to make the selection process much easier for you.

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M/F Nigerian Names Meaning Meaning of Name Origin
FAmogechukwuall in God's timeIgbo
M/FAnahsource of all goodnessIgbo
M/FAnazonwuMother Earth gives longevityIgbo
M/FAniegbunamMother Earth saves the familyIgbo
M/FAnigekwuMother Earth saves the innocentIgbo
MAniyanone who caresYoruba
FAnwilichukwuGod' s joyIgbo
M/FAnyagaligbooverseer; watchmanIgbo
M/FAnyaorahigh position gives a better viewIgbo
M/FArahMother Earth protects our nameIgbo
FArettacharming; enchantingNigerian
MAriwoopethe shout of praise Yoruba
M/FAsomughadon't regret anythingIgbo
M/FAtuonalike precious metalIgbo
M/FAyantiwill you remember me?Efik/Ibibio
FAyobamiblessed with joyYoruba
MAyodelejoy arrives homeYoruba
FAyoluwathe joy of our peopleYoruba
M/FAyoolathe joy of wealthYoruba
MAyotundejoy has returnedYoruba
M/FAzubogusupport of my kinsmenIgbo
MBabafemifather loves meYoruba
MBanjokodon't ever leave meYoruba
FBengongelsulemy wife is our homeIgbo
MBisithe first childYoruba
FBolanilethe wealth of this houseYoruba
M/FBusayoadd to the joyYoruba
MChetachukwuremember GodIgbo
MChibuezeGod is kingIgbo
FChichimasweet and precious girlIgbo
MChidubemGod lead me onIgbo
MChiemekaGod has done wellIgbo
M/FChigoziemGod has blessed meIgbo
M/FChikanmaGod is the bestIgbo
M/FChikezieGod's will is supremeIgbo
M/FChilotamGod remembered meIgbo
MChimaobiGod knows the heartIgbo
M/FChimbuchimGod is my GodIgbo
MChimezielet God done itIgbo
FChinenyenwaGod gives childIgbo
FChinechezirimGod thinks good of meIgbo
FChineloGod remembers meIgbo
M/FChinmakodimGod knows my conditionIgbo
FChinweGod is the ownerIgbo
FChinyereChi is the giverIbo
M/FChisomagaGod is always with meIgbo
FChukuof GodIgbo
M/FChukwudimmaGod is goodIgbo
MChukwuemekaGod has done wellIgbo
MChukwumaGod knowsIgbo
MDadacurly haired childYoruba
FDarajavaluable; importantHausa
MDebareborn during good timesYoruba
FDiolawhat will tomorrow bring?Yoruba
MDubemlead me onIgbo
MDurojaiyewait for the joy of lifeYoruba
MEbhalelemeyou won't follow my leadBenin
FEbunoluwaGod gift Yoruba
FEfebeautiful; prettyBenin
M/FEgbedecannot buy your family's loveBenin
MEgharevbaenemies cannot bother meBenin
M/FEgwuchithe fear of GodIgbo
M/FEjikemedivine interventionIgbo
FEkemmaborn on Eke market dayIgbo
M/FEkwuajuagreeing for the sake of peaceIgbo
MElochukwuGod's willIgbo
M/FElumeluto obtain one's rightful positionIgbo
M/FEmechetaviolence is not easily forgottenIgbo
M/FEmengounfair solicitationIgbo
FEmilohionly God is greaterYoruba
MEnofeone who is richbenin
M/FEnwonwuGod has the power of deathIgbo
M/FEsosaGod's giftBenin
FEyamy tribeYoruba
M/FEzediugwuprestigious kingIgbo
MEzesinachithe chief is from GodIgbo
M/FEzinwagood childIgbo
FFehintolaback wealthYoruba
FFeyisetanuse this as historyYoruba
FFolashadehonor bestows a crownYoruba
FFowokepampered with moneyYoruba
MGanirugood luckIgbo
FGinikachukwuwho is greater than God?Igbo
FHassanafemale of HassanHausa
M/FIbekweour agreement is God's wishIgbo
M/FIberedemobongGod's support or strengthEfik/Ibibio
FIbironkefamily will love this childYoruba
FIdaramfonhappiness is freeEfik/Ibibio
MIdogbesecond child born after twinsYoruba

*Nigerian Names Meaning - compiled by research & survey

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