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World Names > Page 4 - Baby Names Nigeria

Baby Names Nigeria

You are really going to love these Baby Names Nigeria...

I remember when I was selecting names for my first child... I wanted to see EVERYTHING. I didn't want to miss a single great name. As a result I scoured wide categories, and thousands of baby names. After all, my baby's name could be hiding on a list somewhere... AND I would know it as soon as I saw it...

Listen... Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously! We've got the most comprehensive religious, humorous, and entertaining baby name lists on the net today... We have tried very hard to provide you with great Baby Names Nigeria and much more!...

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M/F Baby Names Nigeria Meaning of Name Origin
M/FOlorunyomiGod has saved meYoruba
FOluchithe work of godIgbo
FOlufemiGod loves meYoruba
MOlugbalaGod of the peopleYoruba
MOlukayodeGod brings joyYoruba
M/FOlumorotiI stand with GodYoruba
MOlusegunthis is God's victoryYoruba
M/FOlusolaGod has  blessed  meYoruba
MOluwaGod is the praised creatorYoruba
FOluwabusolaGod adds to my wealthYoruba
MOluwadamilareGod has vindicated me Yoruba
M/FOluwadunmininuGod has gladden my heartYoruba
M/FOluwafeyisayoGod has given joyYoruba
FOluwafunbiGod gave this to meYoruba
MOluwafunsoGod has given this childYoruba
M/FOluwagbengaGod has lifted me upYoruba
MOluwakanmiGod has touched meYoruba
M/FOluwalanniGod is oursYoruba
M/FOluwanifemiGod loves meYoruba
MOluwarogbayiGod is all around meYoruba
M/FOluwaseunGod is thankfulYoruba
MOluwashinaayoGod has opened my joyYoruba
M/FOluwasoromiyoGod made my life joyfulYoruba
MOluwatobatayinGod is worthy to be praisedYoruba
M/FOluwatokeGod is worthy to be adoredYoruba
M/FOluwatomiwaGod searched for meYoruba
M/FOluwatoseGod is ableYoruba
MOluwatumisheGod has put me rightYoruba
M/FOluwayomiboGod as pull meYoruba
M/FOmenukorpoverty is Gods willIgbo
M/FOmodelechild has come homeYoruba
FOmoladechild of the crownYoruba
FOmololachild of wealthYoruba
FOmorinsolachild walks into wealthYoruba
M/FOmotanwachild we searched forYoruba
M/FOmowalechild has come homeYoruba
FOmoyemwenI love childrenBenin
MOnipedethe consoler will comeYoruba
MOnuohamouth of the peopleIgbo
M/FOnwuazodeath has snatched anotherIgbo
MOnyedithis special child is mineIbo
MOnyemachiwho knows God's will?Ibo
M/FOnyinyechiGod's giftIgbo
M/FOreoluwagift from GodYoruba
FOrisaan angelic manifestationYoruba
MOsaloniGod has peopleYoruba
FOsarogieGod is kingbenin
MOsasumwenGod guides and protectsbenin
M/FOsayuwamenGod has given me wealth BENIN
MOsinachicomes from GodIgbo
MOsuofiabush cutterIgbo
MOwodunnito have wealth is a blessingYoruba
MOyakhiromeGod has come to help meBenin
MOyewolehonor has come inYoruba
FOyinlolawealth is sweetYoruba
FOziomathe messageIbo
MPopoolaintelligent people love GodYoruba
FRonkeI have someone to pamperYoruba
MSangodelegod of thunder has returnedYoruba
FShanumihave mercy on meYoruba
M/FSobechifollow GodIgbo
MSomadinaI should not be aloneIgbo
M/FSopuruchireverence GodIgbo
MSunkanmidraw close to meYoruba
FTambaragirl at easeHausa
M/FTejumolalook forward to better daysYoruba
M/FTemidiremine has turned to blessingsYoruba
M/FTemitopemine is worthy for praiseYoruba
FTimilehinGod is with youYoruba
FTiwawho owns the kingshipYoruba
MTobenpraise GodIbo
MTochukwupraise GodIgbo
M/FToluwalogoglory to GodYoruba
M/FUchechukwuGod's willIgbo
M/FUcheomagood willIgbo
FUdumeluecrowned with honor & prideIgbo
FUgochukwueagle of GodIgbo
MUgoulopride of a homeIgbo
FUloakubank or house of wealthIgbo
MUtibemarvelous; wonderfulEfik/Ibibio
FUwailomwanGod's promise will come to passbenin
MUyobongGod's voiceEfik/Ibibio
MUzodimmathe goodly roadIgbo
MWaforborn on Afor market dayIbo
MYabaniGod gave meHausa
FYejidelooks like her motherYoruba
M/FYetundemother has come backYoruba
FZaunato be aliveHausa
MZikorachukwudishow God to the worldIgbo

*Baby Names Nigeria - compiled by research & survey

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