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Boy Names Index > Page 1 - Cool Japanese Names for Boys

Cool Japanese Names for Boys

You are gonna love these cool Japanese Names for Boys... I remember when I was selecting names for my first child... I wanted to see EVERYTHING. I didn't want to miss a single great name. As a result I scoured wide categories, and thousands of baby names. After all, my baby's name could be hiding on a list somewhere... AND I would know it as soon as I saw it... In that same spirit of thorough carefulness we present you with the following list.

In fact, at Top 100 Baby Names Search we take pride in bringing you the most comprehensive baby names website, because we know that only the best will do for your baby... And it goes without saying that we understand today's parents want to go far beyond the traditional "Jennifer" & "John"... People are just so much more open these days.

We have striven to provide you with just such variety. Our goal is to be the premier resource for baby name searches on the net today... Enjoy!

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M/F Cool Japanese Names for Boys Meaning of Name Origin
MAkemibeauty of dawnJapanese
MAkiautumn; brightJapanese
MAkihikoshining princeJapanese
MAkihiroshining abroadJapanese
MAkiobright boyJapanese
MAkiraintelligent; clear dawnJapanese
MAmidathe name of BuddhaJapanese
MAtsushicordial; industriousJapanese
MBotanpeony; flower for JuneJapanese
MDaibeloved and adored oneJapanese
MDaichigreat landJapanese
MDaikiof great value Japanese
MDaisukegreat helperJapanese
MEijisplendid rulerJapanese
MFudogod of fire and wisdomJapanese
MFujitafield Japanese
MFumioscholarly childJapanese
MGorofifth sonJapanese
MHachiroeighth sonJapanese
MHaruborn in the spring Japanese
MHaruospringtime manJapanese
MHideakishining excellenceJapanese
MHidekisplendid opportunityJapanese
MHideosplendid manJapanese
MHikarulight; shiningJapanese
MHirobroad; widespreadJapanese
MHiroakiwidespread brightnessJapanese
MHirokiabundant joy; strengthJapanese
MHiromasabroad-minded and justJapanese
MHiroshiabundant, generousJapanese
MHiroyukiwidespread happinessJapanese
MHisaolong-lived manJapanese
MHisokasecretive, reservedJapanese
MHitoshieven-tempered; levelJapanese
MHotakastep by stepJapanese
MIchirofirst sonJapanese
MIsamucourageous; warriorJapanese
MIsaohonor; meritJapanese
MIwaostone manJapanese
MIzanagimythological deityJapanese
MJirosecond-born sonJapanese
MJoGod will increaseJapanese
MJun'ichiobedience; purity firstJapanese
MJurotenth sonJapanese
MKanayezealous one Japanese
MKanegolden Japanese
MKanowater godJapanese
MKatsuovictorious childJapanese
MKatsurovictorious sonJapanese
MKazuhikofirst, harmonious princeJapanese
MKazuhiroharmony widespreadJapanese
MKazukipleasant peace, shining oneJapanese
MKazuoharmonious manJapanese
MKeiichirespectful first-born sonJapanese
MKeijirespectful second-born sonJapanese
MKenone's own mindJapanese
MKenichifirst builder; town's founderJapanese
MKenjiintelligent rulerJapanese
MKenshinmodest truthJapanese
MKentahealthy, stoutJapanese
MKichirolucky sonJapanese
MKingolden Japanese
MKishoone who knows his own mind Japanese
MKiyoshipure, saintly; the quiet oneJapanese
MKoichishining princeJapanese
MKojihappy second-born sonJapanese
MKuroninth sonJapanese
MMamoruprotect; earthJapanese
MMasagood sonJapanese
MMasaakicorrect brightnessJapanese
MMasahikocorrect princeJapanese
MMasahirogovern widely; broad-mindedJapanese
MMasakazufirst son of Masa Japanese
MMasakicorrect record; elegant treeJapanese
MMasanoriprosperous governmentJapanese
MMasaocorrect man; righteousJapanese
MMasaruintelligent; victoriousJapanese
MMasashicorrect; splendid officialJapanese
MMasatoelegant man; justiceJapanese
MMasayoshigovern righteouslyJapanese
MMasayukicorrect happinessJapanese
MMasuyoincrease the worldJapanese

*Cool Japanese Names for Boys - compiled by research & survey

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