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Girl Names Index > Page 1 - Japanese Girl Names

Japanese Girl Names

Okay... You will discover Japanese Girl Names & other fantastic baby girl names at Top 100 Baby Names Search - that will rock your world!... AND you might just find that one of these great baby names from the Orient has just the right combination of the unique... and pretty that you've been searching for... At the very least a few of these lovely baby names might make it to your short list!

I remember when I was selecting names for my children... I wanted to see EVERYTHING from every culture. I didn't want to miss a single great name. As a result I scoured wide categories, and thousands upon thousands of baby names. After all, my baby's name could be hiding on a list somewhere... AND I would know it as soon as I saw it...

In that same spirit of thorough carefulness -- we present you with the following list. Enjoy it. Don't hesitate to take a look at the entire website. Look carefully... One of these great Japanese girl names , just possibly is your baby's new name!

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M/F Japanese Girl Names Meaning of Name Origin
FAilove; indigo blueJapanese
FAikobeloved; loving childJapanese
FAiyabeautiful silkJapanese
FAkanebrilliant redJapanese
FAkikobright lightJapanese
FAkirabright; clearJapanese
FAmayanight rainJapanese
FAmifriend Japanese
FAnnaishahelpful guide to othersJapanese
FArataniprecious stoneJapanese
FAsaborn in the morningJapanese
FAyakacolorful flowerJapanese
FAyameiris flowerJapanese
FAyumihistory; strollJapanese
FChiasaone thousand morningsJapanese
FChiekowise childJapanese
FChikawisdom; nearJapanese
FChinamione-thousand wavesJapanese
FChiyokoa thousand generationsJapanese
FChobutterfly; born at dawnJapanese
FDarumafamous BuddhistJapanese
FDenbequest from ancestorsJapanese
FEmikosmiling childJapanese
FEnagift from GodJapanese
FEriblessed prizeJapanese
FEshimatrue blessed intentionJapanese
FFujiwisteria Japanese
FFumikochild of treasured beautyJapanese
FHanakoflower child; fair blossomJapanese
FHananflower childJapanese
FHarukafar offJapanese
FHayamirare unusual beautyJapanese
FHidéyosuperior generationsJapanese
FHikarulight shiningJapanese
FHirokomagnanimous; generous childJapanese
FHisalong lastingJapanese
FHumiyahistory; healthy boyJapanese
FIsamuvigorous, robustJapanese
F   ---Japanese Girl NamesOrigin
FKaedémaple leaf Japanese
FKaméyolong lived; tortoise symbolJapanese
FKamelong lived; tortoise symbolJapanese
FKameyolong lived; tortoise symbolJapanese
FKanodexterity and skillJapanese
FKatsumivictorious beautyJapanese
FKazashihair ornamentJapanese
FKazuebranch; first blessingJapanese
FKazumiharmonious beautyJapanese
FKeikohappy childJapanese
FKichifortunate Japanese
FKikuëchrysanthemum branchJapanese
FKimibeauty of the centuryJapanese
FKiokohappy childJapanese
FKishilong and happy lifeJapanese
FKiwaborn on a borderJapanese
FKiyokopure child; clarityJapanese
FKohanalittle flowerJapanese
FKomaterm of endearmentJapanese
FKotobeautiful harpJapanese
FKozakuralittle cherry treeJapanese
FKumirarely seen beautyJapanese
FKuratreasure houseJapanese
FKurvamulberry treeJapanese
FMaibrightness; flowerJapanese
FMaikodancing childJapanese
FMajimeearnest oneJapanese
FMamikochild of Mami Japanese
FManamilove of beautyJapanese
FMariasea of bitternessJapanese
FMasakotruth childJapanese
FMasumiincreasing beauty; true purityJapanese
FMatsukopine treeJapanese
FMayokochild of Mayo Japanese
FMiëtriple branchJapanese
FMichikochild on the righteous pathJapanese
FMidorigreen; natureJapanese

*Japanese Girl Names - compiled by research & survey

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