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Boy Names Index > Page 2 - Really Cool Japanese Names for Boys

Really Cool Japanese Names for Boys

Find Really Cool Japanese Names for boys right here at Top 100 Baby Names Search. There are so many great names for boys. Don't hesitate to consider a great Japanese one. Because of the increased familiarity children have with cartoons, video games, and other great cross-cultural products kids are very familiar with Japanese names. So please don't shy away... Go for it. You may just be pleasantly surprised.

In addition to that, we understand that today's parents want to go far beyond the traditional "Jennifer" & "John". Folks are much more open to considering a wide variety of names for their children. So we have striven to provide you with just such variety. Our goal is to be the premier resource for baby name searches on the net today.

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M/F Really Cool Japanese Names for Boys Meaning of Name Origin
MMichioman on a good pathJapanese
MMikithe moon; a stemJapanese
MMikiotree trunk manJapanese
MMinoribeautiful harborJapanese
MMinoruear of grain; fruitfulJapanese
MMitsuoshining man; third-born sonJapanese
MMitsurufull; growingJapanese
MNaokihonest treeJapanese
MNaokostraight, honestJapanese
MNoboruascend; climb; virtuousJapanese
MNobuofaithful manJapanese
MNobuyukifaithful happinessJapanese
MNorigood sonJapanese
MNorioman of principlesJapanese
MRaidenmythological god of thunderJapanese
MRingoapple; peace be with youJapanese
MRokurosixth sonJapanese
MRoninsamurai without a master Japanese
MRyoichifirst son of Ryo Japanese
MRyotastout, strongJapanese
MRyozothird son of Ryo Japanese
MRyuichifirst son of Ryu Japanese
MSaburothird-born sonJapanese
MSadaodecisive manJapanese
MSamuruhis name is GodJapanese
MSatoshiclear-thinking; quick-wittedJapanese
MSeiichicorrect first-born sonJapanese
MSeijicorrect second-born sonJapanese
MSenichifirst-born son of Sen Japanese
MShichiroseventh sonJapanese
MShignames beginning with ShigJapanese
MShigekazufirst son of Shige Japanese
MShigeoluxuriant manJapanese
MShigeruexcellent; luxuriantJapanese
MShimaan island dweller Japanese
MShinichifirst son of Shin Japanese
MShinjifaithful second-born sonJapanese
MShirofourth-born sonJapanese
MShoichiprosperous first-born sonJapanese
MShojishining second-born sonJapanese
MShuichigoverning first-born sonJapanese
MShunichifirst-born son of ShunJapanese
M Really Cool Japanese Names for BoysOrigin
MSin'ichifaithful first-born sonJapanese
MTadaoloyal manJapanese
MTadashicorrect, righteous; loyalJapanese
MTakahirowidespread nobilityJapanese
MTakaonoble manJapanese
MTakayukifilial happinessJapanese
MTakehikosoldier princeJapanese
MTakeshifierce; warriorJapanese
MTakeshiunbending like bamboo treeJapanese
MTamaa jewelJapanese
MTamotsucomplete; protectJapanese
MTarogreat sonJapanese
MTatsuodragon manJapanese
MTatsuyapossessing wisdom and longevityJapanese
MTeruoshining manJapanese
MTetsipiron manJapanese
MTetsuyaincreasing your resolveJapanese
MTomirich, wealthy; redJapanese
MTomiotreasured manJapanese
MTorupenetrating; wayfarerJapanese
MToshiakialert and brightJapanese
MToshiogenius; year of the BoyJapanese
MToshiyukialert and happyJapanese
MToyoplentiful Japanese
MTsuneocommon manJapanese
MUyedafrom the rice fieldJapanese
MYasahiropeaceful calm; wiseJapanese
MYasuhirowidespread peaceJapanese
MYasuotranquility; peaceful oneJapanese
MYasushihonest and peacefulJapanese
MYemonguarding the gateJapanese
MYogione of the yoga practice Japanese
MYoichimasculine first-born sonJapanese
MYoshigood sonJapanese
MYoshiakirighteous gloryJapanese
MYoshihirowidespread goodnessJapanese
MYoshikazugood and harmoniousJapanese
MYoshimitsugood lightJapanese
MYoshinoririghteous principlesJapanese
MYoshiogood manJapanese
MYoshirogood sonJapanese
MYoshitogood man; lucky manJapanese
MYoshiyukirighteous happinessJapanese
MYuichifriendly first-born sonJapanese
MYujicourageous second sonJapanese
MYukihappiness, or snowJapanese
MYukioGod will nourish Japanese
MYurito hearJapanese
MYutakaabundant; prosperousJapanese
MYuudaigreat heroJapanese

*Really Cool Japanese Names for Boys - compiled by research & survey

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