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Boy Names Index > USA Baby Names - Boys

USA Baby Names

"Below are a list of terrific baby names."

If you are like I was when I was naming my children (I have 3, by the way), then you want a large assortment of truly great names from which to choose your child's name.

You want something slightly different for your child, because after all there is no other child in this world that is just like yours!... And you don't want to get a tension headache surfing all over the net to accomplish this... Am I warm?...

Well, if that is you then you have come to the right location. We have worked very hard to bring you, not only a terrific quantity of baby names, but premium quality names as well. So go ahead and check them out!...

You'll discover naming oddities, articles and more that will entertain, inform, and amuse you. Ultimately you will create a short list of really great names that truly reflect the wishes you have for your child-to-be.

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M/F Baby Names - Boys Meaning of Name Origin
MAaronenlightened oneHebrew
MAbbottfather; abbotHebrew
MAbefather of a multitudeHebrew
MAbrahamfather of many nationsHebrew
MAbsalomfather of peaceHebrew
MAdairan oak-tree fordScottish
MAdamman or mankindPhoenician
MAddisonson of AdamEnglish
MAdonishighly attractiveGreek
MAkiraintelligent boyJapanese
MAlastairdefender of mankindScottish
MAlbertnoble and brightFrench
MAldwinold friendEnglish
MAlexdefender of mankindGreek
MAlexisdefender of mankindGreek
MAlfredwise counselorEnglish
MAlgernoble spearmanGerman
MAlphonsenoble and eagerGerman
MAlphonsofreed manItalian
MAlstonnoble's settlementEnglish
MAltonold townEnglish
MAlvinlight complexionLatin
MAmericoroyalty in actionGermanic
MAmintrustworthy and honestHebrew
MAmosburdened and troubledHebrew
MAnaniaswith the grace of GodHebrew
MAncilof nobilityFrench
MAndrestrong and manlyFrench
MAndrewstrong and manlyGreek
MAndystrong and manlyGreek
MAnhpeace and safetyVietnamese
MAnselfollower of a noblemanFrench
MAnsleytown on a hillScottish
MAnthonypraiseworthy or flourishingLatin
MAntonstrong in characterSpanish
MAntoniostrength of spiritItalian
MApollomanly; Greek GodGreek
M Baby NamesOrigin
MAramischaracter of the Three MusketeersFrench
MArchiestrong warriorGerman
MArdelleager and industriousLatin
MArdenardent and fieryLatin
MArdleyardent meadowEnglish
MArguswatchful and vigilantDanish
MArgylefrom IrelandIrish
MAriellion of GodHebrew
MAriesastrological ramLatin
MArionenchanted, or melodiousGreek
MAristotlewise philosopherGreek
MArleyhare meadowEnglish
MArmandesire or goalPersian
MArmandnoble soldierGerman
MArmstrongstrong armEnglish
MArnettelittle eagleEnglish
MArniewar makerGerman
MArnoldeagle-eyed rulerGerman
MArseniomasculine and virileGreek
MArtemusgift of ArtemisGreek
MArthurnoble, or lofty hillIrish
MArtienoble, or lofty hillEnglish
MAshantifrom a tribe in West AfricaSwahili
MAshburnash-tree streamEnglish
MAshbyash-tree farmEnglish
MAshleyash-tree meadowEnglish
MAshonseventh-born sonSwahili
MAshtontown with ash treesEnglish
MAstleystarry sky over a fieldGreek
MAstoneastern townEnglish
MAtkinsfrom the home of relativesEnglish
MAtlaslifted upGreek
MAttilalittle farmerGothic
MAtwellat the wellEnglish
MAubreynoble; bear-likeGerman
MAuburnreddish brownLatin
MAudreynoble strengthEnglish
MAugustruler of the worldLatin
M Baby NamesOrigin
MAureliogolden lightLatin
MAustinruler of the worldLatin
MAverellborn in AprilEnglish
MAveryreddish brownEnglish
MAxelaxe, or small oak treeLatin
MAyersheir to a fortuneEnglish

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