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Boy Names That Start With E

Boy Names That Start with E: EA - EL

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M/F Baby Names Boy Names That Start With E Origin
MEabright mindIrish
MEaganvery mightyIrish
MEamonguardian of the richesIrish
MEanGod is graciousEnglish
MEarlpledge; noblemanIrish
MEarnestearnest, sincereEnglish
MEastoneastern townEnglish
MEatonestate on the riverEnglish
MEbfoundation stoneHebrew
MEbenezerfoundation stoneHebrew
MEbercourageous as a boarGerman
MEbnerfather of lightEnglish
MEbonfoundation stoneHebrew
MEbrahimfather of many nationsArabic
MEbronahpassage; heavenHebrew
MEdbertoblade makes him shineGerman
MEddiesuccessful spearmanEnglish
MEdelnoble; fancy ringGerman
MEdelmirorepresents nobilityGerman
MEdgarsuccessful spearmanEnglish
MEdgardsuccessful spearmanEnglish
MEdgardosuccessful spearmanSpanish
MEdisonson of EdwardEnglish
MEdmondwealthy protectorEnglish
MEdmundoprosperous protectorSpanish
MEdselrich man's houseEnglish
MEdsonson of EdwardEnglish
MEdwardprosperous guardianEnglish
MEdwinprosperous friendEnglish
MEgbertbright swordEnglish
MEgertontown where Edgar livesEnglish
MEginhardpower of the swordGerman
MEgistoraised on goat's milkGreek
MEijiexcellent second sonJapanese
MEirniniron; vigorIrish
MEitanstrong and firmHebrew
MEladiocame from GreeceGreek
MElazarGod helps meHebrew
MElbertnoble and brightEnglish
MElchananGod is graciousHebrew
MEldenold, wise protectorEnglish
MElderlives near the elder treesEnglish
MEldonold farmEnglish
MEldredwise counselorEnglish
MEldridgewise counselorEnglish
MEldwinold friendEnglish
MEleafloating; claritySwahili
MEleazarGod helps meHebrew
MElenioshines like the sunGreek
MElewaone who understandsSwahili
MElgernoble spearmanGerman
MElginnoble; whiteEnglish
MElianthe Lord is my GodEnglish
MEliecerGod is his constant aidHebrew
MElijahthe Lord is my GodHebrew
MElionsun godGreek
MEliorGod is my lightHebrew
MEliottthe Lord in my GodHebrew
MElisandroliberator of menGreek
MElishaGod is my salvationHebrew
MElishuaGod is my salvationHebrew
MEliyaGod is my LordHebrew
MEliyadaGod knowsHebrew
MEliyahuHe is my GodHebrew
MElkanGod is jealousHebrew
MElleryan English surnameEnglish
MElliotthe Lord is my GodEnglish
MEllisthe Lord is my GodEnglish
MEllisonson of EllisEnglish
MEllsworthnobleman's estateEnglish
MElmanlike an elm treeGerman
MElmernoble; famousEnglish
MElmolovable, friendlyGreek
MElonnoble and eagerSpanish
MElonzonoble and eagerSpanish
MElpidiohe who has hopesGreek
MElradGod rulesHebrew
MElsdonnobleman's hillEnglish
MElstonnoble's townEnglish
MElsworthestate of a noblemanEnglish
MEltonold farmEnglish
MElvíolight-skinned; blondSpanish

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