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Girl Names That Start With E

Girl Names That Start with E: EA - EL

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M/F Baby Names Girl Names That Start With E Origin
FEaddawealthy; successfulEnglish
FEadmundprosperous protectorEnglish
FEadwineprosperous friendEnglish
FEalainone skilled in the artsGaelic
FEannahouse of GodHebrew
FEarlenenoble warrior womanEnglish
FEarnestynaearnest; sincereEnglish
FEastergoddess of the Spring EquinoxEnglish
FEathelinnoble waterfallEnglish
FEbeyouthful like a flowerGreek
FEberwild boarGerman
FEboneyrich and dark woodGreek
FEbonyhard dark wood; blackGreek
FEbrillborn in AprilWelsh
FEbronahpassage; havenHebrew
FEchidnaa wild boarEgyptian
FEchoa repeated soundGreek
FEdaardent; flameIrish
FEdannaEda + AnnaAmerican
FEddabattle warriorGerman
FEddyprosperous friendAmerican
FEdeliaremains youthfulGreek
FEdelinanoble; fancy ringGerman
FEdelinenoble; kindEnglish
FEdelmaremains youthfulGreek
FEdelmiranoble heritageTeutonic
FEdendelight; original gardenHebrew
FEdessaa Macedonian townLatin
FEdgashield bearerGreek
FEdgardadefends her homelandTeutonic
FEdiandecoration for GodHebrew
FEdilbertafrom a long heritageGerman
FEdiltrudisstrong; nobleGerman
FEdinaprosperous fortEnglish
FEdithrich giftEnglish
FEdlennoble waterfallEnglish
FEdlynprosperous; nobleEnglish
FEdmundaprosperous protectorEnglish
FEdomred landHebrew
FEdreaprosperous rulerEnglish
FEdreawealthy; powerfulEnglish
FEdriannarich; darkGreek
FEduardaprosperous guardianEnglish
FEdukassuccessful oneEstonian
FEduvigisvictorious fighterGerman
FEdvinaprosperous friendGerman
FEdwardinaprosperous guardianEnglish
FEfayletter E + FayeAmerican
FEffiaborn on FridayGhaninian
FEffiespoken well ofGreek
FEfigeniaform of nobilityGreek
FEgbertinabright swordEnglish
FEgeriagives encouragementGreek
FEgidagoat-skin shieldSpanish
FEglantinawild roseFrench
FEglepossesses splendorGreek
FEgyptan African countryEnglish
FEidotheasea goddessGreek
FEileenlight bringerIrish
FEireneIrene; peacefulGreek
FEirweenwhite snowWelsh
FEjubaneswift oneZulu
FEkataunity; harmonySanskrit
FElanoble and serenePolish
FEladiafrom Elade, GreeceGreek
FElainalight; torchFrench
FElainialight; torchAmerican
FElamato fully liveEstonian
FElanalight; torchGreek
FElaradaughter of PoseidonGreek
FElaynalight; torchFrench
FElbertynacomes from GreeceGreek
FElciranoble adornmentTeutonic
FEldashe who battlesGerman
FEldoragolden; gildedSpanish
FEldridawise counselorEnglish
FEldynelight; torchAmerican
FEleadoracomes from the sunSpanish
FEleandraletter E + LeandraAmerican
FEleanoralight; torchGreek
FEleanorelight; torchGreek
FElectashining; brightGreek
FEleinlight; torchAmerican
FElenalight; torchGreek
FElenilight; torchGreek
FElenitalight; torchSpanish
FEleondraletter E + LeandraAmerican
FEleorathe Lord is my lightHebrew
FEleshaconsecrated to GodGreek
FElettaelf; mischievousEnglish
FEleusipaarrives on horsebackGreek
FElewaone who understandsSwahili
FElexisdefender of mankindGreek
FElfegabrightness in the heightsGerman
FElfidadaughter of the windGreek
FElianaGod has answered meHebrew
FElianeGod has answered meHebrew
FEliavaGod is my FatherHebrew
FElidasmall and wingedLatin
FElidesmall and wingedLatin
FEliesseGod is my oathAmerican
FElijahthe Lord is my GodHebrew

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Girl Names That Start With E