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Girl Names Index > USA Girl Baby Name

USA Girl Baby Name

Looking for a great USA Girl Baby Name?... Well look no further. We've scoured public sources, libraries, records, & governmental websites to bring you the absolute best list of baby names from all around the USA...

Because when it comes to your baby only the very best will do. So, browse the list below & select your favorite girl baby names to create an awesome short list of the very best!

Listen we really get it at Top 100 Baby Names Search -- You want something slightly different for your child, because after all there is no other child in this world that is just like yours!... And you don't want to get a tension headache surfing all over the net to accomplish this... Am I warm?...

Well, if that is you then you have come to the right location. We have worked very hard to bring you, not only a terrific quantity of baby names, but premium names as well.

So go ahead and check us out!...

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M/F Girl Baby Name Meaning of Name Origin
FAdelanoble & sereneEnglish
FAdelinenoble & sereneEnglish
FAdisonchild of AdamEnglish
FAdivagracious; kindHebrew
FAdleighmy ornamentHebrew
FAdoraciónvenerating the magical godsLatin
FAdriandark & lovelyEnglish
FAdrinadark & lovelyEnglish
FAidennoble & sereneLatin
FAinathe birth was difficultYoruba
FAiyabeautiful silkJapanese
FAkemibright beautyJapanese
FAlanaattractive & peacefulIrish
FAldanaAlda + AnaSpanish
FAldoragift; superiorEnglish
FAlexdefender of mankindGreek
FAlfredawise counselorEnglish
FAlicentruthful & nobleEnglish
FAliciatruthful & nobleEnglish
FAliyaone who ascendsHebrew
FAllisontruthful & nobleEnglish
FAllyshatruthful & nobleEnglish
FAlmanourishment; nurturing oneLatin
FAlmundarefers to Virgin MarySpanish
FAloisefamous warriorSpanish
FAlvinanoble friendEnglish
FAmaliaservant of GodHebrew
FAmaliahservant of GodHebrew
FAmanato believeSwahili
FAmandalovable oneLatin
FAmarantaunfading flowerItalian
FAmbalikaHindu goddess ParvatiHindi
FAmberleeAmber + LynnAmerican
FAmeliahard workingGerman
FAnaísGod has mercyHebrew
FAnalisaAna + LisaEnglish
FAnamariaAna + MariaEnglish
FAnarosaAna + RosaEnglish
FAncoraanchor; steadfastLatin
FAndrastrong; courageousLatin
FAndresastrong; courageousSpanish
FAngeliqueangel, messengerFrench
FAngelisaAngela + LisaAmerican
FAnhpeace; safetyViet.
FAnsleighmy own meadowScottish
FApiadevout womanLatin
FAprilopening; springtimeLatin
FArdellewarm & enthusiasticLatin
FArdenvalley of the eagleEnglish
FArellaangel; messengerHebrew
FArilioness of GodHebrew
FAricaruler of allScand.
FAriettalittle songEnglish
FArleighmeadow of the hareEnglish
FArminenoble; soldierLatin
FArnettelittle eagleEnglish
FArthawealthy; prosperousHindi
FArtheleanoble; lofty hillIrish
FArtiwealthy; prosperousHebrew
FArtisnoble; lofty hillIrish
FAsheleyash tree meadowEnglish
FAshleaash tree meadowEnglish
FAshleighash tree meadowEnglish
FAshlynash tree poolEnglish
FAshtenash tree settlementEnglish
FAspenaspen treeEnglish
FAtaliaguard towerSpanish
FAthaliathe Lord is mightyHebrew
FAubrianaAubrey + AnnaEnglish
FAudranoble strengthFrench
FAudreenoble strengthEnglish
FAudreynoble strengthEnglish
FAudrinaAudrey + AnnaEnglish
FAureliagolden lightLatin
FAverynoble; bearlikeEnglish
FAyabird; fly swiftlyHebrew
FAzizaprecious oneSwahili

*Girl Baby Name - compiled by research & survey

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