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Baby Girls Names Starting With L

Baby Girls Names Starting with L: LA

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You will find great Baby Girls Names Starting With L below... When I was naming my kids I really wanted to have a comprehensive list to compare various choices... Well, I didn't quite find that. A few good names here or there was what confronted me. Never could I find all of the great names that I wanted to include on my short list, all in one location. In answer to that frustration of mine so many years ago, I have created a comprehensive place where parents-to-be can come to search for great baby names from across the globe...

After all why shouldn't searching for a Baby Name be FUN... But please don't just take my word for it. Browse around and discover for yourselves why Top 100 Baby Names Search is one-stop shopping for baby girls names starting with L - on the net today! Enjoy.

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M/F Baby Names Baby Girls Names Starting With L Origin
FLabreanaprefix La + BreanaAmerican
FLabrendaprefix La + BrendaAmerican
FLachandraprefix La + ChandraAmerican
FLachelleprefix La + MichelleAmerican
FLachlaninaland of lakesScottish
FLadaishaprefix La + DashaAmerican
FLadanprefix La + DanaAmerican
FLadashaprefix La + DashaAmerican
FLaDawnprefix La + DawnAmerican
FLadawnaprefix La + DawnaAmerican
FLaDelleprefix La + DelleAmerican
FLadiedraprefix La + DiedraAmerican
FLadivinaprefix La + DiviniaAmerican
FLaDorisprefix La + DorisAmerican
FLaDreenaprefix La + DreenaAmerican
FLaeladark beauty; nightArabic
FLafloraprefix La + FloraAmerican
FLaiadark beauty; nightArabic
FLaicapure; secularGreek
FLaisfriendly with everyoneGreek
FLaiyadark beauty; nightAmerican
FLajuanaprefix La + JuanaAmerican
FLakaancient goddess of dancingHawaiian
FLakayaprefix La + KayaAmerican
FLakeishaprefix La + KeishaAmerican
FLakeitaprefix La + KeitaAmerican
FLakeiyaintelligent; pureAmerican
FLakenyaprefix La + KenyaAmerican
FLakeshaprefix La + KeishaAmerican
FLaketaprefix La + KeitaAmerican
FLakishaprefix La + KeishaAmerican
FLakitaprefix La + KeitaAmerican
FLakotaa tribal nameLekota
FLaLeeprefix La + LeeAmerican
FLalitaplayful; sportyHindi
FLamabright landGerman
FLamartinefamous across the landAmerican
FLamayaprefix La + MayaAmerican
FLamiafairy womanLatin
FLamonicaprefix La + MonicaAmerican
FLamyapretty dark lipsArabic
FLanaiveranda; porchHawaiian
FLanayaveranda; porchAmerican
FLancablessed oneLatin
FLandynopen & grassy meadowEnglish
FLanenarrow roadEnglish
FLaneishaLane + AieshaAmerican
FLanelleLane + ElleAmerican
FLanelleLane + ElleFrench
FLanetteidol; birdWelsh
FLaneynarrow roadEnglish
FLangleylong meadowEnglish
FLanienarrow roadEnglish
FLanikathe highest heavenHawaiian
FLanishaLane + AieshaAmerican
FLannettefrom the small laneFrench
FLaodamialeads her communityGreek
FLaQuintathe fifth childAmerican
FLaquitaprefix La + QuitaAmerican
FLarashining or famousGreek
FLarainafrom Lorraine, FranceLatin
FLarainefrom Lorraine, FranceLatin
FLarencrowned with laurelsLatin
FLariannaLari + AnnaAmerican
FLarminablue skyPersian
FLarracrown; laurelAmerican
FLarshellLars + ShellAmerican
FLaRuthfriend; companionHebrew
FLasakamoves like a dancerSanskrit
FLashanaprefix La + ShawnaAmerican
FLaShandaprefix La + ShandaAmerican
FLashaunprefix La + ShaunAmerican
FLaShawnGod is graciousHebrew
FLashawnaprefix La + ShawnaAmerican
FLashayprefix La + ShayAmerican
FLaSherylprefix La + SherylAmerican
FLashonprefix La + ShawnaAmerican
FLashondaprefix La + ShondaAmerican
FLasyaa dancerSanskrit
FLatanyaprefix La + TanyaAmerican
FLataraprefix La + TaraAmerican
FLateiaprefix La + TiaAmerican
FLatianafairy queenAmerican
FLatikaname of a plantHindi
FLatinaprefix La + TinaAmerican
FLaTonyaprefix La + TonyaAmerican
FLatriceprefix La + BeatriceAmerican
FLatriciaprefix La + PatriciaAmerican
FLatrishaprefix La + TrishaAmerican
FLaurashining or famousGreek
FLauraleeLaura + LeeAmerican
FLauralynLaura + LynnAmerican
FLaureanneLaurie + AnnaEnglish
FLaurencrowned with laurelsEnglish
FLaurettacrowned with laurelsEnglish
FLauriannaLaurie + AnnaEnglish
FLaurianneLaurie + AnnaEnglish
FLaurie AnnLaurie + AnnAmerican

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Baby Girls Names Starting With L