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Baby Boys Names Starting With L

Baby Boys Names Starting with L: LA - LE

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 You will find great Baby Boys Names Starting With L below... When I was naming my kids I really wanted to have a comprehensive list to compare various choices... Well, I didn't quite find that. A few good names here or there was what confronted me.

Never could I find all of the great names that I wanted to include on my short list, all in one location. In answer to that frustration of mine so many years ago, I have created a comprehensive place where parents-to-be can come to search for great baby names from across the globe.

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M/F Baby Names Baby Boys Names Starting With L Origin
MLabibsensible; intelligentArabic
MLabrentsiscrowned with a laurelRussian
MLachlanland of lakesScottish
MLadarianprefix La + DarianAmerican
MLaderrickprefix La + DerrickAmerican
MLadosecond-born sonFrench
MLadolfosly as a wolf in the cityGerman
MLaertescarries rocksGreek
MLafayettehistorical soldier & politicianFrench
MLaidleypath along the meadowEnglish
MLainnarrow roadEnglish
MLainenarrow roadEnglish
MLairdlord; masterScottish
MLamarfamous throughout the landGerman
MLamarcusprefix La + MarcusAmerican
MLamariofamous throughout the landAmerican
MLambertbright landGerman
MLanceLancelot; attendantGerman
MLancelotbrave knightFrench
MLandawhite sea birdZulu
MLanderland ownerBasque
MLandiscomes from the prairieFrench
MLandonopen, grassy meadowEnglish
MLandricruler of the landGerman
MLaneopen grassy meadowEnglish
MLanfordlong ford; long riverEnglish
MLangdonlong hillEnglish
MLangfordlong riverEnglish
MLangleylong meadowEnglish
MLangstonlong & narrow townEnglish
MLannycrowned with a laurelAmerican
MLanzLance; attendantItalian
MLaostand of glorySpanish
MLaquanprefix La + QuanAmerican
MLaramietears of loveFrench
MLarenzcrowned with a laurelItalian
MLarenzocrowned with a laurelItalian
MLarkinrough; fierceIrish
MLarrimoreprovides weapons for warFrench
MLarrycrowned with a laurelLatin
MLasaiis calm & carefreeBasque
MLasanthe sparkGaelic
MLashfamous warriorGypsy
MLashaunprefix La + ShaunAmerican
MLassevictorious peopleFinnish
MLateefgentle, pleasantArabic
MLathanbarn, districtAmerican
MLathropbarn, farmsteadEnglish
MLatifis gentle & refinedArabic
MLatimerfriendly; pleasantEnglish
MLaughlinservant of Saint SecundinusIrish
MLauracrowned with laurelsLatin
MLaurencrowned with laurelsLatin
MLaurencecrowned with laurelsLatin
MLaurenciocrowned with laurelsSpanish
MLaurenscrowned with laurelsDutch
MLaurentcrowned with laurelsFrench
MLauriecrowned with a laurelEnglish
MLauriscrowned with laurelsSwedish
MLaurocrowned with laurelsFilipino
MLauzelcan prophesizeZulu
MLaVallevalley manFrench
MLavaughanwhite-skinned; light complexionAmerican
MLavelava; lordItalian
MLavellLaValle valley manFrench
MLavonwhite-skinned; light complexionAmerican
MLavontewhite-skinned; light complexionAmerican
MLavrenticrowned with laurelsRussian
MLawfordford on the hillEnglish
MLawleylow meadow on a hillEnglish
MLawrencecrowned with a laurelLatin
MLawrycrowned with a laurelEnglish
MLawsonson of LawrenceEnglish
MLawtontown on the hillEnglish
MLaynenarrow roadEnglish
MLaytonmeadow farmEnglish
MLazarGod has helpedGreek
MLazaroGod has helpedItalian
MLazarusGod has helpedGreek
MLealloyal & faithful workerSpanish
MLeanderbrave as a lionGreek
MLeandrebrave as a lionFrench
MLeandrobrave as a lionSpanish
MLearcojudge of his villageGreek
MLee shelter from the windEnglish
MLeeormy lightHebrew
MLeggettis sent; delegateFrench
MLeighshelter from the windEnglish
MLeightonmeadow farmEnglish
MLeithbroad riverScottish

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