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Girls Names Starting With X

Girls Names Starting with X: XA - XY

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Okay... Listed below are terrific Girls Names Starting With X?... That's right "X"!...

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M/F Baby Names Girls Names Starting With X Origin
FXabrinaboundary lineLatin
FXalinasolemn; dignifiedFrench
FXamanthatold by GodHebrew
FXamuelaasked of GodHebrew
FXanayellow; blond hairedGreek
FXandidefender of mankindGreek
FXandradefender of mankindGreek
FXandriadefender of mankindGreek
FXandrinedefender of mankindGreek
FXanthegolden yellowGreek
FXanthippeyellow; blond hairedGreek
FXantinalittle saintSpanish
FXavierowner of the new houseArabic
FXavierafrom the new houseSpanish
FXelamy mountain homeQuiche
FXeniakindness to a travelerGreek
FXenobiaof ZeusGreek
FXescafree; from FranceCatalan
FXetsaone of twinsEwe
FXeveraowner of the new houseSpanish
FXeveriaowner of the new houseSpanish
FXiandaadvancement; pioneerMandarin
FXimaGod will establishCatalan
FXimenashe heard GodSpanish
FXinmeihappy beautyMandarin
FXinnannew southMandarin
FXiomaraglorious forestTeutonic
FXirenaenchanter; sea nymphsGreek
FXitathe Immaculate ConceptionCatalan
FXiu Meibeautiful plumChinese
FXoanaGod is mercifulHebrew
FXochitlplace of many flowersAztec
FXocoyoungest sisterNahuatl
FXosefaseated by GodHebrew
FXyleenaforest dwellerGreek
FXyliaforest dwellerGreek
FXylonaone from the forestGreek
FXylophiaforest loverGreek

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Girls Names Starting With X