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Boys Names Starting With X

Boys Names Starting with X: XA - XZ

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Do you want to know Boy Names Starting With X? There are many very familiar names which immediately come to mind. Xavier, Xander, etc.

But there are many more names... Maybe even yours. All of the names below include the meaning & the verse in the bible relating to the name. As always we've tried to provide you a comprehensive list in which to discover the name you are looking for. Find the complete Boy Names Starting With X list!...

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M/F Baby Names Boys Names Starting With X Origin
MXacobsupplanter, substituteGalician
MXaimesecond sonHebrew
MXaiverowner of the new houseBasque
MXandefender of mankindGreek
MXanderdefender of mankindGreek
MXaverowner of the new houseSpanish
MXavierowner of the new houseArabic
MXenosstranger; guestGreek
MXerardobrave spearmanGerman
MXermanfrom GermanyGalician
MXeromesaintly spiritGreek
MXeronimoholy; pureGreek
MXeschaste; priestlyGreek
MXianyouthful; downy beardedGalician
MXiangcircling in air like a birdChinese
MXianliangworthy brightnessChinese
MXiaobolittle wrestlerChinese
MXiaodanlittle dawnChinese
MXiaojianlittle healthy childChinese
MXiaosifilial thoughtsChinese
MXiaowencolor of morning cloudsChinese
MXilyoung goatGreek
MXilbertebright pledge; trustworthyGerman
MXilbertobright pledge; trustworthyGerman
MXimenesGod has heard usSpanish
MXoanGod is goodHebrew
MXoaquínGod will establishHebrew
MXobpersecuted; afflictedHebrew
MXoseGod will addGalician
MXueqinsnow-white celeryChinese
MXzavierowner of the new houseBasque

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Boys Names Starting With X