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Boy Names Index > Boy Names That Start With U

Boy Names That Start With U

Are you looking for Boy Names that Start With U?... Well, you've come to the right place. If you love variety & treasure unique baby names, then you will love the following baby name list.

We've pulled together names from all around the world; ethnicities, cultures, countries and many places! Basically, you will find a huge resource which we hope will actually assist you in choosing your baby's name.

After all, this is your precious baby we're talking about. Only the best will do... Enjoy.

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M/F Boy Names That Start With U Meaning of Name Origin
MUaineborn to nobilityIrish
MUaltararmy ruler; generalIrish
MUbertobright mind; bright spiritItalian
MUcheGod's thought or ideaIbo
MUchuhot like pepperQuechua
MUdellyew-tree valleyEnglish
MUdokamakes peace with othersIbo
MUdolfprosperous wolfEnglish
MUelinoble rulerSwiss
MUffowild bearGerman
MUgobright mind; bright spiritItalian
MUhanestrong spiritHawaiian
MUilliamdetermined guardianIrish
MUjalathe lightHindu
MUkuskilled ukulele playerHawaiian
MUlferfierce as a wolfGerman
MUlfredpeaceful wolfGerman
MUlgerwarring wolfGerman
MUllivieriolive treeItalian
MUllocksporting wolfGerman
MUllricpowerful ruler of allGerman
MUlmerfamous wolfEnglish
MUlmofrom Ulm, GermanyGerman
MUlpianosly as a foxLatin
MUlricwolf rulerGerman
MUlrichwolf rulerGerman
MUltana saint nameIrish
MUltmannoble stoneGerman
MUlysseswrathful masterLatin
MUmbertobrilliant strengthItalian
MUmetaone who is skilledSerbian
MUmithe oceanJapanese
MUmilanone who is lovableSerbian
MUmojaunity; harmonySwahili
MUnayremote; underlyingQuechua
MUniqueonly; uniqueLatin
MUnjoone who is a leaderTurkish
MUnoone; first-born childLatin
MUnwinnot a friend; enemyEnglish
MUpshawupper wooded areaEnglish
MUptonupper townEnglish
MUpwoodupper forestEnglish
MUrbancity dweller; courteousLatin
MUrbanecity dweller; courteousEnglish
MUrbanocity dweller; courteousItalian
MUrimy lightHebrew
MUriahmy lightHebrew
MUrielGod is my lightHebrew
MUrsobear likeLatin
MUscowild catQuechua
MUsenitell meYao
MUstinjust, righteousRussian
MUsuybrings abundancesQuechua
MUtasong; melodyJapanese
MUtakagreat dignityJapanese
MUwepowerful ruler of allGerman
MUyedafrom the rice fieldJapanese
MUzimy strengthHebrew
MUzielGod is my strengthHebrew
MUzoranthe idealSerbian

*Boy Names That Start With U - compiled by research & survey

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Boy Names That Start With U


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