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Baby Boy Names That Start With A

Baby Boy Names that Start with A: AA - AL

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M/F Baby Names Baby Boy Names That Start With A Origin
MAaronenlightened; messengerHebrew
MAbbottfather; abbotHebrew
MAbefather of many nationsHebrew
MAbelardonoble, resoluteSpanish
MAbernathybeginning point of a riverScottish
MAbnerfather of lightHebrew
MAbrahamfirst Hebrew patriarchHebrew
MAbramfather of many nationsHebrew
MAbramofather of many nationsItalian
MAbsalomfather of peaceHebrew
MAchillepain, liplessItalian
MAckerleymeadow of oak treesEnglish
MAckleymeadow of oak treesEnglish
MActontown by the oaksEnglish
MAdalbertobright nobilityItalian
MAdalfierinoble oathItalian
MAdamman, or mankindHebrew
MAddisonson of AdamEnglish
MAdelbertnoble bearGerman
MAdingentle & niceHebrew
MAdivgracious, kindHebrew
MAdjutorone who helpsLatin
MAdlaiGod's justiceHebrew
MAdneydweller on the islandEnglish
MAdolfnoble wolfGerman
MAdolfonoble wolfItalian
MAdrianrich; darkGreek
MAdrianorich or wealthyItalian
MAdrielof God's congregationHebrew
MAdrienrich or wealthyGreek
MAdromachefighting manLatin
MAdulfoof noble heritageGerman
MAedanborn of fireIrish
MAeneusman made of bronzeLatin
MAengusvigor, strengthIrish
MAftonfrom Afton, EnglandEnglish
MAgapetobeloved oneItalian
MAgapitobeloved oneItalian
MAgericopowerful swordLatin
MAgilbertofamous sword from combatGerman
MAgileospade of a fighterGerman
MAgnelolamb of GodLatin
MAgostino venerableItalian
MAgrippaborn feet firstLatin
MAhabfather's brotherHebrew
MAidanlively; full of fireGaelic
MAiguolove country; patrioticChinese
MAinsleymy own meadowScottish
MAislinggood dreamGaelic
MAizeathe windBasque
MAjimánmy brother is mannaHebrew
MAjshalombrother of peaceHebrew
MAkelanhelpful builder & neighborZulu
MAkemibeauty of dawnJapanese
MAkiautumn; brightJapanese
MAkihikobright male childJapanese
MAkihiroshining abroadJapanese
MAkihitobright childJapanese
MAkiobright boyJapanese
MAkiraclear, dawn; intelligenceJapanese
MAkiyamathe Autumn; mountainJapanese
MAkonibrave warriorYoruba
MAkonoit is my turnYoruba
MAlacereager, lively; joyfulLatin
MAlacrinooutgoing; aliveLatin
MAlainhandsome oneGaelic
MAlanhandsome; peacefulIrish
MAlandbright as the sunEnglish 
MAlarisof the wingLatin
MAlasdairdefender of mankindGaelic
MAlbertnoble and brightGerman
MAlbertobright nobilityItalian
MAlbionwhite cliffsLatin
MAlcottold cottageEnglish
MAldanonoble; full of experienceCeltic
MAldelmoold helmetGerman
MAldemarfamous for nobilityGerman
MAldenold, wise protectorEnglish
MAlderneyone of the channel islesEnglish 
MAldisold houseEnglish
MAldredold, wise counselorEnglish
MAldrichwise counselorEnglish
MAldwinold friendEnglish
MAlecdefender of mankindGreek
MAleezjoyful oneHebrew
MAlejándrodefender of mankindSpanish
MAlerionyoung eagleFrench
MAleronwinged beingLatin
MAlessandrodefender of mankindItalian
MAlessiodefender of mankindItalian
MAletalittle wingSpanish

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Baby Boy Names That Start With A