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Boys Names That Start With O

Boys Names That Start with O: OA - ON

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Listed below are dozens of great Boys Names That Start With O... If you are anything like me, You want great names that will help your little boy stand out from the crowd without making him subject to teasing.

I have three children and I can distinctly remember what fun it was to pick out their names and discuss them at length (Okay, ARGUE at length...) about them. I also remember feel a little concerned that the names were going to stick for life, so I wanted good ones. We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried to provide you just that... Good Ones!... But don't take my word for it.

Browse around and decide for yourself. After all this is a very special time in your life!... Enjoy.

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M/F Baby Names Boys Names That Start With O Origin
MOakesoak treeEnglish
MOakleyoak-tree fieldEnglish
MObadiahservant of GodHebrew
MObduliocomforts others during sorrowLatin
MObedservant of GodEnglish
MOberonnoble; bear likeGerman
MObertwealthy & brightGerman
MObertonoble & brightGerman
MObieservant of GodEnglish
MOceantitan who rules outer seaGreek
MOceanustitan who rules outer seaGreek
MOctavioeighth in orderLatin
MOctaviseighth in orderLatin
MOctaviuseighth in orderLatin
MOdellode, melodyGreek
MOdericopowerful in richesGerman
MOdhran pale greenIrish
MOdingod of wisdom & warScand.
MOdoacrowatches over his inheritanceGerman
MOdohrperfume; strong smellFrench
MOdolfprosperous wolfGerman
MOdonwealthy protectorHungarian
MOdranpale greenIrish
MOdwinnoble friendGerman
MOferyoung deer; fawnHebrew
MOgdenoak valleyEnglish
MOhannesGod is graciousTurkish
MOisinsmall deerIrish
MOkanaextreme; without limitHawaiian
MOkapiAfrican animal related to the giraffeSwahili
MOkedivine spearmanHawaiian
MOkorieborn on Oryo market dayIbo
MOkparafirst born sonIbo
MOlésdefender of mankindPolish
MOlawealth, richesIbo
MOlafancestor; patron saint of NorwayScand.
MOlavancestor; patron saint of NorwayScand.
MOlegariodominates with the lanceGerman
MOleksandrdefender of mankindRussian
MOleosholy oil used in churchSpanish
MOlimpíadesMount OlympusGreek
MOlindofrom Olinthos, GreeceItalian
MOliverolive treeLatin
MOliveroolive treeItalian
MOlivierolive treeFrench
MOlivoolive treeLatin
MOliwaolive treeHawaiian
MOllieolive treeEnglish
MOlofamous throughout the landSpanish
MOlricwolf ruler; ruler of allGerman
MOmakaspring; water sourceHawaiian
MOmarfirst born son; highestArabic
MOmarifirst born son; highestSwahili
MOmerfirst born son; highestArabic
MOmjaborn of cosmic unityIndian
MOmkarsound of the sacred syllableIndian
MOmmaeye of heaven; the sunGreek
MOmprakashlight of GodIndian
MOmswaroopmanifestations of divinityIndian
MOnaonapleasant fragranceHawaiian
MO'Neilson of NeilIrish
MOnesiforobears much fruitGreek
MOnesimouseful & worthwhileGreek
MOnipedethe consoler will comeYoruba
MOnkarGod in his entiretyHindu
MOnofriopeaceful strengthGerman
MOnslowwhere lively person livesEnglish
MOnufrypeaceful strengthPolish
MOnuwachiGod's worldIbo
MOnyleader of the peopleIbo
MOnyebuchiwho is God?Ibo
MOnyedisomeone special for meIbo

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Boys Names That Start With O