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Boy Names That Start With O

Boy Names That Start with O: OP - OZ

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M/F Baby Names Boy Names That Start With O Origin
MOphirfaithful people Hebrew
MOralverbal; speakerIrish
MOrangelmessenger from the mountainGreek
MOratiokeeper of the hoursLatin
MOrellistener; eagleLatin
MOrenlight-skinned, whiteHebrew
MOrencioexamining judgeGreek
MOrestesmountain manGreek
MOrfeohas a good voiceGreek
MOrimy lightHebrew
MOrienvisitor from the eastLatin
MOrigenesborn into caring armsGreek
MOrindark hairedIrish
MOriolgolden orioleLatin
MOrionblooming; giant hunterGreek
MOrlánrenowned in the landSpanish
MOrlandofamous throughout the landGerman
MOrmanmariner, seamanGerman
MOrmondbear mountainEnglish
MOronopine treeLatin
MOroscolives in the mountainsGreek
MOrpheusmaster musicianGreek
MOrrickold oak treeEnglish
MOrriskeeper of the hoursLatin
MOrryfrom the OrientLatin
MOrsinobear likeItalian
MOrtonshore townEnglish
MOrvalgolden villageEnglish
MOrvinspear friendEnglish
MOsamutruth & reasonJapanese
MOsbaldoGod's powerSpanish
MOsbertdivine; brightEnglish
MOsborndivine bearScand.
MOscardivine spearmanScand.
MOseasLord sustains meHebrew
MOsgooddivinely goodEnglish
MO'Sheason of SheaIrish
MOsipGod will addRussian
MOskardivine spearmanScand.
MOsmanyoung craneTurkish
MOsmardivine; wonderfulEnglish
MOsmaroshines like the glory of GodGerman
MOsmonddivine protectorEnglish
MOsricdivine rulerEnglish
MOssadivine lawGreek
MOsvaldoGod's powerSpanish
MOswaldGod's powerEnglish
MOswaldoGod's powerSpanish
MOswindivine friendEnglish
MOsyaGod will addRussian
MOtekwealthy manPolish
MOtellowealthy manItalian
MOthellowealthy manSpanish
MOthmanwealthy manGerman
MOthnielstrength of GodHebrew
MOtiskeen of hearingGreek
MOtnielGod is my strengthHebrew
MOttmarruler, servant of GodTurkish
MOttorich, wealthyGerman
MOttokarhappy warriorGerman
MOursonsmall bearFrench
MOvedworshipper, followerHebrew
MOvertontown high on a hillEnglish
MOwenborn to nobilityIrish
MOwodunnienjoys his moneyYoruba
MOxfordwhere oxen cross the riverEnglish
MOxleyox meadowEnglish
MOxtonox townEnglish
MOzdivine bearHebrew
MOziasGod's strengthHebrew
MOzielhas divine strengthHebrew
MOzoathe good road in lifeYoruba
MOzturkpure; genuineTurkish
MOzzdivine bearEnglish
MOzzydivine bearEnglish

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Boy Names That Start With O