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Boy Names Index > Page 2 - Medieval Boys Names

Medieval Boys Names

Medieval Boys Names are quite special because they relate to both the mysterious & the traditional (many recognizable names are in fact taken from this period)...

In fact, we believe that the following list is the perfect match between "the old" and "the different". We really understand that Old English doesn't mean drab and boring... Just check out the list below!

So go ahead and browse around. Then branch out to the rest of the website. We at Top 100 Baby Names Search think you will be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy.

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M/F Medieval Boys Names Meaning of Name Origin
MCarlisleCarl's islandEnglish
MCarlyleCarl's islandEnglish
MCarnelldefender of the castleEnglish
MCartlandcart builder's landEnglish
MCartwrightcart builderEnglish
MCedericbattle chieftainEnglish
MChancellorrecord keeperEnglish
MChandlercandle makerEnglish
MChanningwise; church officialEnglish
MChanserecord keeperEnglish
MCharltonCarl's townEnglish
MChauceyrecord keeperEnglish
MChestonrocky fortressEnglish
MChiltonfarm by the springEnglish
MClaybornebrook near the clay pitEnglish
MClaytontown built near clay pitEnglish
MCliffordcliff at the river fordEnglish
MCliftontown near cliffEnglish
MClintontown on hillEnglish
MColtoncoal townEnglish
M Medieval Boys NamesOrigin
MCourtneyof the royal courtEnglish
MCranleymeadow of the cranes Old Eng. 
MCuthbertbrilliant Old Eng. 
MDaltontown in the valleyEnglish
MDarbyfree from envyMid. Eng. 
MDarrengreat English 
MDarthmouthport's name English 
MDarwyndear friendEnglish
MDavidsonthe adored one English 
MDawsonson of DavidEnglish
MDaytonday town; lightEnglish
MDelbertbright as dayEnglish
MDenvergreen valleyEnglish
MDenzellocation in CornwallEnglish
MDevonan English county English 
MDrakehaving dragon trademarkEnglish
MDudleymeadow English 
MDurrikenfortune-telling English 
MDurwindear friend Old Eng. 
MDwennonone of originality Old Eng. 
MEastoneastern townEnglish
MEdgarsuccessful spearmanEnglish
MEdmundusprosperous protector English 
MEgbertbright swordEnglish
MEldonold farm; hillEnglish
MEltonthe old farmEnglish
MErwanform IrvingEnglish
MFilmorefamous personEnglish
MFranklinfree landownerEnglish
MGaloreabundant; plentyEnglish
MGalorianof abundanceEnglish
MGarrettspear warriorEnglish 
MGarrickgrove of oaksEnglish
MGarridanhidden fortEnglish 
MGarrowayspear fighterEnglish
MGerardbrave spearmanEnglish
MGodwindivine or good friend Old Eng. 
MGoldingson of the golden one Old Eng. 
MGordontriangular-shaped hillEnglish
MHaddenheather covered hillEnglish
MHardingbrave; resilientEnglish
MHartleydeer pasture English 
MHazlitthazel tree wood Old Eng. 
MHearstdweller in the wood Old Eng. 
M Medieval Boys NamesOrigin
MHeathcotecottage on heath Old Eng. 
MHoldenhollow in the valleyEnglish
MHoustonhill townEnglish
MHydemeasure of landEnglish
MIrwinhandsome, white riverEnglish
MJacksonson of JackEnglish
MJaggercarter or hawker Mid. Eng. 
MJamisonthe son of JamesEnglish 
MJarrettbrave spearmanEnglish
MJaxonson of JackEnglish
MJaydenGod has heard English 
MJeffreydivinely peacefulEnglish
MJeraldspear warriorEnglish
MJeremyGod will upliftEnglish
MJeroldbrave spearmanEnglish
MJerrardspear warriorEnglish
MJohnsonson of JohnEnglish
MJudsonson of JuddEnglish
MKeatonwhere hawks flyEnglish
MKeltonkeel town; seaportEnglish
MKelvinfriend of ships English
MKendallvalley of the river Kent English 
MKiplingcures salmon or herring Mid. Eng. 
MKirbychurch villageEnglish
MKolbydark-haired oneEnglish

*Medieval Boys Names - compiled by research & survey

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