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Boy Names Index > Page 1 - Medieval Boy Names

Medieval Boy Names

Discover Medieval Boy Names here on Top 100 Baby Names Search. When you think of names from the Medieval period an air of mystery, and intrigue is invoked.

Names from this era are also both unique and familiar. For this reason we feel that they are just perfect!... It can be tough to pick the right name for your baby because there are so many things to consider... So many folks have a stake in baby's name... not the least of which is baby him or herself.

To make it easier for you Top 100 Baby Names Search is designed to give you tons of names from which to choose in dozens of terrific categories... enjoy.

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M/F Medieval Boy Names Meaning of Name Origin
MAckerleymeadow of oak treesEnglish
MAdneydweller on the islandEnglish
MAeduuardprosperous guardianEnglish
MAeduuinprosperous friendEnglish
MAelfraedwise counselorEnglish
MAlandbright as the sunEnglish 
MAlderneyone of the channel islesEnglish 
MAldisold houseEnglish
MAldredold & wise counselorEnglish
MAldrichwise counselorEnglish
MAldwinold friendEnglish
MAlgernonwearing moustacheEnglish
MAlistairdefender of mankindEnglish
MAllardnoble and braveEnglish
MAllisterdefender of mankindEnglish
MAlstonthe estate of noblemanEnglish
MAmherstplace nameEnglish 
MArledgelake with the haresEnglish
MArleyhare's meadowEnglish
MArnettelittle eagleEnglish
MArthurnoble & lofty hillEnglish
MArundeleagle valleyEnglish
MAscoteastern cottageEnglish
M Medieval Boy NamesOrigin
MAshtonash tree settlementEnglish
MAthertonfrom town by the springEnglish
MAtkinshome of the relativesEnglish
MAtwaterat the water's edgeEnglish
MAudenold friendEnglish
MAudreynoble strengthEnglish
MAudricwise rulerEnglish
MAvereynoble bearEnglish
MAylmernoble, famousEnglish
MAylwinnoble friendEnglish
MBadrickaxe rulerEnglish
MBancroftbean fieldEnglish
MBardenbarley valleyEnglish
MBarlowbare hillsideEnglish
MBarneyson of the missionaryEnglish
MBarricgrain farmEnglish
MBarringtonfenced townEnglish
MBarsefresh-water perchEnglish 
MBartleybarley meadowEnglish
MBartrambright, illustriousEnglish
MBassettlittle personEnglish
MBaulsnail English 
MBavolwind English 
MBayardreddish brown hairEnglish
MBeasleyfield of peasEnglish
MBentleycoarse grass meadowEnglish
MBerkeleybirch tree meadowEnglish
MBerwickbarley farmEnglish
MBevallike the wind English 
MBickfordford of the axe manEnglish
MBirkittbirch tree coastEnglish
MBirleymeadow with the cow barnEnglish
MBirneyisland with brookEnglish
MBirtlebird hillEnglish
MBlakelydark meadowEnglish
MBlaxtonblack stone Old Eng. 
MBlythemerry, joyfulEnglish
MBoltonfrom the manor farmEnglish
MBookerbeech tree Old Eng. 
MBosleygrove of treesEnglish
MBoswellenclosure by the streamEnglish
MBowmanthe archer English 
MBradburnbroad streamEnglish
MBradenbroad valleyEnglish
MBradfordbroad river crossingEnglish
M Medieval Boy NamesOrigin
MBradshawbroad fenceEnglish
MBradynbroad valleyEnglish
MBrainardbold raven; princeEnglish
MBramwellbramble springEnglish
MBrandonbeacon hill; ravenEnglish
MBrantonBrant's townEnglish
MBrawleymeadow on the hillsideEnglish
MBraxtonBrock's townEnglish
MBraydenbroad valleyEnglish
MBraytonbright townEnglish
MBrennerlittle ravenEnglish
MBridgelymeadow near bridgeEnglish
MBrighamcovered bridgeEnglish
MBrishenborn during rain English 
MBronsonson of the brown manEnglish
MBurbankcaste on slopeEnglish
MBurdanbirch tree valleyEnglish
MBurleighmeadow with knotted tree trunksEnglish
MByramcattle yardEnglish
MCadbywarrior's settlementEnglish
MCaldwellcold wellEnglish
MCarletonCarl's townEnglish

*Medieval Boy Names - compiled by research & survey

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