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Boy Names Index > Page 3 - Medieval Baby Boy Names

Medieval Baby Boy Names

Medieval Baby Boy Names are really great names to consider if you want great variations of traditional & recognizable names... That is what is so great about names from this particular period... They are familiar & at the same time slightly unique.

My goal when I was selecting names for my children was to create a short list of names that I found intriguing in someway. Then I &amp my husband went through each name on the short list and rated them based our own personally selected criteria... AND Vióla... One or two special names rose to the top of our list. We were able to select our children's names without the worrying and it was FUN!

The key was having a long list of baby names to begin with. So, here it is... Presenting Top 100 Baby Names Search - a long list of Medieval names for your consideration. Enjoy.

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M/F Medieval Baby Boy Names Meaning of Name Origin
MLanderproperty ownerMid. Eng. 
MLandonopen, grassy meadowEnglish
MLanfordlong riverEnglish
MLangstonlong, narrow townEnglish
MLaynenarrow roadEnglish
MLelandprotected meadowlandEnglish
MLondonruler of the world English 
MLymanman from the valleyEnglish
MLyndonhill of linden treesEnglish
MMaconto make Mid. Eng. 
MMaddoxbenefactor's sonEnglish
MMadisongood sonEnglish
MMalinlittle warrior Old Eng. 
MManfieldcommunal field Old Eng. 
MManleybrave and manly Mid. Eng. 
MManningson of man Old Eng. 
MMardenvalley with the pool Old Eng. 
MMavenis knowledgeableEnglish
MMavissong birdEnglish
MMaxwellgreat springEnglish
MMeldonwindmill set on hillEnglish
MMitchellwho is like God?English
MMorelandmarshland; moorEnglish
MNilsonson of NealEnglish 
MOakesdweller by the oaksMid. Eng. 
MOakleyat the oak meadow Mid. Eng. 
MPaigeyouthful assistantEnglish
MParkerpark keeperEnglish
MPaytontown of warriorsEnglish
MPearsonson of PeterEnglish
MPeytontown of warriorsEnglish
MPiersonthe son of PeterEnglish 
MPrestonthe estate of priestEnglish
MQuentinfifth in orderEnglish
MRadleymeadow of reedsEnglish
MRamseyisland inhabited by ramsEnglish
MRandallshield with wolf insigniaEnglish
MRaymondwise protectorEnglish
MRichardrich & powerful rulerEnglish
MRickerpowerful armyEnglish
MRiverriver; riverbankEnglish
MRobert famous, brillianceEnglish
MRobinsonthe son of RobertEnglish 
MRobynsmall bird  English 
MRodneyisland clearingEnglish
MRoldanpowerful, mighty English 
MRoystonEnglish place name Old Eng. 
MRuddof ruddy complexion Old Eng. 
MRudyardred enclosure Old Eng. 
MRylanwhere rye is grownEnglish
MSawyerwood workerEnglish
MSedgewickfarm in the rushes Old Eng. 
MSeverinriver in England English 
MSheltontown on ledgeEnglish
MShermansheep shearerEnglish
MSherrodclearer of the landEnglish
MSilasforest dwellerEnglish
MSinjinsaint; holy manEnglish
MSomervillesummery hill Old Eng. 
MSouthwellsouthern spring Old Eng. 
MSpaldingdivided field English 
MSpencerdispenser of provisionsEnglish
MSterlingsilver pennyEnglish
MStewartcaretaker, stewardEnglish
MStrongpowerful; strongEnglish
MStuartcaretaker, stewardEnglish
MTannerleather workerEnglish
MTiltonprosperous townEnglish
MTrowbridgewooden bridge Old Eng. 
MTwyforddouble ford Old Eng. 
MUdolfprosperous wolf Old Eng. 
MUlmerfamous wolfEnglish
MUnwinthe enemy Old Eng. 
MUptonupper farm or town Old Eng. 
MUpwoodforest on the hill Old Eng. 
MWaldenwood covered valleyEnglish
MWallacefrom WalesEnglish
MWardenvalley watchmanEnglish
MWarricktown heroEnglish
MWaylandland by the roadEnglish
MWaylonWayland; land by the roadEnglish
MWaynewagon makerEnglish
MWesleywestern meadowEnglish
MWestonwestern townEnglish
MWhitcombewide valley Old Eng. 
MWhitfieldthe white field Old Eng. 
MWillardbold; resolveEnglish
MWilliamdetermined guardianEnglish
MWinstonfriendly townEnglish
MWinthropvictory at the crossroadsEnglish
MWitterwise warriorEnglish
MWoodruffforest rangerEnglish
MWoolseyvictorious wolfEnglish
MWyliecharming; cunningEnglish
MWymerfamous in battleEnglish
MYatesthe keeper of the gates Mid. Eng. 

*Medieval Baby Boy Names - compiled by research & survey

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