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Catholic Baby Names

If you want great Catholic baby names, then you have come to the right place. We have put together these great saint names for your consideration...

Okay, when you think of all things Catholic you probably think "saints" pretty quickly, right?... Well, that is what I think of first. So with that in mind, here are the yearly saint days and their respective patrons.

When I was selecting names for my children I wanted to create a short list from names that I found intriguing in someway. Next, my husband and I went through every name on our short lists and rated them based our own personally selected criteria... Víola!... One or two special names rose to the top. Selecting our children's names was a total blast. I feel the key was having a long list of baby names to begin with.

So, browse these potential Catholic baby names and pick the absolute best one for your short list. After all this is an exciting time... Have a little fun and enjoy.

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Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
1 Mary, Mother of God
2 St. Basil the Great
4 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
5 St. John Neumann
6 St. Gregory Nazianzen
7 St. Raymond of Penyafort
8 Blessed Angela of Foligno
9 St. Adrian of Canterbury
10 St. Gregory of Nyssa
11 Blessed William Carter
12 St. Marguerite Bourgeoys
13 St. Hilary
14 Servant of God John the Gardener
15 St. Paul the Hermit
16 St. Berard and Campanions
17 St. Anthony of Egypt
18 St. Charles of Sezze
19 St. Fabian
20 St. Sebastian
21 St. Anges
22 St. Vincent
23 Blessed Mother Marianne Cope
24 St. Francis de Sales
26 Sts. Timothy and Titus
27 St. Angela Mericini
28 St. Thomas Aquinas
29 Servant of God Brother Juniper
30 St. Hyacintha Mariscotti
31 St. John Bosco

Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
1 St. Ansgar
3 St. Blase
4 St. Joseph of Leonissa
5 St. Agatha
6 St. Paul Miki and Companions
7 St. Colette
8 St. Josephine Bakhita
9 St. Jerome Emiliani
10 St. Scholastica
11 Our Lady of Lourdes
12 St. Apollonia
13 St. Giles Mary of St. Joseph
14 Sts. Cyril and Methodius
15 St. Claude la Colombière
16 St. Gilbert of Sempringham
17 Seven Founders of the Order of Servites
18 Blessed John of Fiesole
19 St. Conrad of Piacenza
20 Blessed Jacinta and Francisco Marto
21 St. Peter Damian
22 Chair of Peter the Apostle
23 St. Polycarp
24 Blessed Luke Belludi
25 Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio
26 St. Porphyry of Gaza
27 St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows
28 Blessed Daniel Brottier

Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
1 St. David of Wales
2 St. Agnes of Bohemia
3 St. Katharine Drexel
4 St. Casimir
5 St. John Joseph of the Cross
6 Servant of God Sylvester of Assisi
7 Sts. Perpetua and Felicity
8 St. John of God
9 St. Frances of Rome
10 St. Dominic Savio
11 St. John Ogilvie
12 Blessed Angela Salawa
13 St. Leander of Seville
14 St. Maximillian
15 St. Louise de Marillac
16 St. Clement Mary Hofbauer
17 St. Patrick
18 St. Cyril of Jerusalem
19 St. Joseph
20 St. Salvator of Horta
21 Blessed John of Parma
22 St. Nicholas Owen
23 St. Turbius of Mogrovejo
24 St. Catherine of Genoa
26 Blessed Didacus of Cadiz
27 Blessed Francis Faà di Bruno
28 St. Hesychius of Jerusalem
29 Blessed Ludovico of Casoria
30 St. Peter Regalado
31 St. Stephen of Mar Saba

Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
1 St. Hugh of Grenoble
2 St. Francis of Paola
3 St. Benedict the African
4 St. Isidore of Seville
5 St. Vincent Ferrer
6 St. Crescentia Hoess
7 St. John Baptist de la Salle
8 St. Julie Billiart
9 St. Casilda
10 St. Magdalen of Canossa
11 St. Stanislaus
12 St. Teresa of Los Andes
13 St. Martin
14 Blessed Peter Gonzalez
15 Blessed Caesar de Bus
16 St. Bernadette Soubirous
17 St. Benedict Joseph Labre
18 Blessed James Oldo
19 Blessed Luchesio and Buonadonna
20 St. Conrad of Parzham
21 St. Anselm
22 St. Adalbert of Prague
23 St. George
24 St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen
25 St. Mark
26 St. Pedro de San José Bentacur
27 St. Louis Mary de Montfort
28 St. Peter Chanel
29 St. Catherine of Siena
30 St. Pius V

Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
1 St. Joseph the Worker
2 St. Athanasius
3 Sts. Philip and James
4 Blessed Michael Giedroyc
5 St. Hilary of Arles
6 Sts. Marian and James
7 Blessed Rose Venerini
8 St. Peter of Tarentaise
9 St. Catharine Bologna
10 Blessed Damien of Molokai
11 St. Ignatius of Laconi
12 Sts. Nereus and Achilleus
13 Our Lady of Fatima
14 St. Matthias
15 St. Isidore the Farmer
16 St. Margaret of Cortona
17 St. Paschal Baylon
18 St. John I
19 St. Theophilus of Corte
20 St. Bernardine of Siena
21 St. Cristóbal Magallanes and Companions
22 St. Rita of Cascia
23 St. Felix of Cantalice
24 St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi
25 St. Bede the Venerable
26 St. Philip Neri
27 St. Augustine of Canterbury
28 St. Mary Ann of Jesus of Paredes
29 St. Madeleine Sophie Barat
30 St. Gregory VII

Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
1 St. Justin
2 Sts. Marcellinus and Peter
3 Blessed John XXIII
4 Charles Lwanga and Companions
5 St. Boniface
6 St. Norbert
7 Servant of God Joseph Perez
8 St. William of York
9 St. Ephrem
10 Blessed Joachima
11 St. Barnabas
12 Blessed Jolenta (Yolanda) of Poland
13 St. Anthony of Padua
14 St. Albert Chmielowski
15 Servant of God Orlando Catanii
16 St. John Francis Regis
17 St. Joseph Cafasso
18 Venerable Matt Talbot
19 St. Romuald
20 St. Paulinus of Nola
21 St. Aloysius Gonzaga
22 St. Thomas More
23 St. John Fisher
24 Birth of John the Baptist
25 Blessed Jutta of Thuringia
26 Blessed Raymond of Lull
27 St. Cyril of Alexandria
28 St. Irenaeus
29 Sts. Peter and Paul

Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
1 Blessed Junipero Serra
2 St. Oliver Plunkett
3 St. Thomas the Apostle
4 St. Elizabeth of Portugal
5 St. Anthony Zaccaria
6 St. Maria Goretti
7 Blessed Emmanuel Ruiz and Companions
8 St. Gregory Grassi and Companions
9 St. Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions
10 St. Veronica Giuliani
11 St. Benedict
12 Sts. John Jones and John Wall
13 St. Henry
14 Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
15 St. Bonaventure
16 Our Lady of Mount Carmel
17 St. Francis Solano
18 Blessed Angeline of Marsciano
19 Servant of God Francis Garces and Companions
20 St. Apollinaris
21 St. Lawrence of Brindisi
22 St. Mary Magdalene
23 St. Bridget
24 St. Sharbel Makhlouf
25 St. James the Greater
26 Sts. Joachim and Ann
27 Blessed Antonio Lucci
28 St. Leopold Mandic
29 St. Martha
30 St. Peter Chrysolongus
31 St. Ignatius of Loyola

Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
1 St. Alphonsus Liguori
2 St. Eusebius of Vercelli
3 St. Peter Julian Eymard
4 St. John Vianney
5 Dedication of St. Mary Major Basilica
6 Transfiguration of the Lord
7 St. Cajetan
8 St. Dominic
9 St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)
10 St. Lawrence
11 St. Clare
12 St. Louis of Toulouse
13 Sts. Pontian and Hippolytus
14 St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe
16 St. Stephen of Hungary
17 St. Joan of the Cross
18 St. Jane Frances de Chantal
19 St. John Eudes
20 St. Bernard of Clairvaux
21 St. Pius X
22 Queenship of Mary
23 St. Rose of Lima
24 St. Bartholomew
25 St. Louis of France
26 St. Joseph Calasanz
27 St. Monica
28 St. Augustine
29 Beheading of John the Baptist
30 Blessed Jeanne Jugan
31 Sts. Joseph of Armathea and Nicodemus

Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
1 St. Giles
2 Blessed John Francis Burté and Companions
3 St. Gregory the Great
4 St. Rose of Viterbo
5 Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta
6 Blessed Claudio Granzotto
7 Blessed Frederick Ozanam
9 St. Peter Claver
10 St. Thomas of Villanova
11 St. Cyprian
13 St. John Chrysostom
16 St. Cornelius
17 St. Robert Bellarmine
18 St. Joseph of Cupertino
19 St. Januarius
20 Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang and Companions
21 St. Matthew
22 St. Lawrence Ruiz and Companions
23 St. Padre Pio da Pietrelcina
24 St. Pacifico of San Severino
25 St. Elzear and Blessed Delphia
26 Sts. Cosmas and Damian
27 St. Vincent de Paul
28 St. Wenceslaus
29 Michael, Gabriel and Raphael
30 St. Jerome

Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
1 St. Thérèse of Lisieux
3 Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos
4 St. Francis of Assisi
5 St. Faustina
6 St. Bruno
8 St. John Leonardi
9 St. Denis and Companions
10 St. Francis Borgia
11 Blessed Angela Truszkowska
12 St. Seraphin of Montegranaro
13 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
14 St. Callistus I
15 St. Teresa of Avila
16 St. Marguerite d'Youville
17 St. Ignatius of Antioch
18 St. Luke
19 St. Isaac Joques, John de Breébeuf and Companions
20 St. Maria Bertilla Boscardin
21 St. Hilarion
22 St. Peter of Alcantara
23 St. John of Capistrano
24 St. Anthony Claret
25 Blessed Antônio de Sant'Anna Galvão
26 Blessed Contardo Ferrini
27 Blessed Bartholomew of Vincenza
28 Sts. Simon and Jude
29 St. Narcissus of Jerusalem
30 St. Alphonsus Rodriguez
31 St. Wolfgang of Regensburg

Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
3 St. Martin de Porres
4 St. Charles Borromeo
5 Venerable Solanus Casey
6 St. Nicholas Tavelic and Companions
7 St. Didacus
8 Blessed John Duns Scotus
9 Dedication of St. John Lateran
10 St. Leo the Great
11 St. Martin of Tours
12 St. Josaphat
13 St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
14 St. Gertrude
15 St. Albert the Great
16 St. Margaret of Scotland
17 St. Elizabeth of Hungary
18 Dedication of St. Peter and Paul
19 St. Agnes of Assisi
20 St. Rose Philippine Duchesne
21 Feast of the Presentation of Mary
22 St. Cecilia
23 Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro
24 St. Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions
25 St. Columban
26 St. Catherine of Alexandria
27 St. Fransesco Antonio Fasani
28 St. James of the Marche
29 Servant of God John of Monte Corvino
30 St. Andrew

Day of Month Catholic Baby Names - Saints
1 Blessed John of Vercelli
2 Blessed Rafel Chylinski
3 St. Francis Xavier
4 St. John Damascene
5 St. Sabas
6 St. Nicholas
7 St. Ambrose
9 St. Juan Diego
10 Blessed Adolph Kolping
11 St. Damasus I
12 Our Lady of Guadalupe
13 St. Lucy
14 St. John of the Cross
15 Blessed Mary Frances Schervier
16 Blessed Honoratus Kozminski
17 Lazurus
18 Blessed Anthony Grassi
19 Blessed Pope Urban V
20 St. Dominic of Silos
21 St. Peter Cansius
22 Blessed Jacopone da Todi
23 St. John of Kanty
24 Christmas at Greccio
26 St. Stephen
27 St. John the Apostle
29 St. Thomas Becket
30 St. Egwin
31 St. Sylvester I

*Catholic Baby Names compiled by research and survey

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